Thursday, June 18, 2015

Emery's flamingo party #5

 Emery's invitationm
She wanted a "mango" party
aka: a flamingo party.
 Sassy pants turning 5!
My girly-girl is getting so big so fast.
 Day of the party.
It was a hot day in Utah,
we held the party in my Mom's backyard which was perfect.
All the girls in our flamingo gear.
 Salads in mini cups and fruit,
we served pizza too.
 Food table.
 Pre-party snacks.
 Flamingo cups for the kids.
 Drink station.
 Flamingo straws and banners.
 Ready to eat.
 "Flamingle around the pizza"
 Cake and party favors.
 Flamingo hand sanitizers.
Getting our grub on.
 Wes, Kat and GG.
 Birthday girl with her cake.
 Getting boost from dad to blow out her candles.
 Pink and aqua layers.
Of course the cakes my Mom makes are so cute and yummy.
 Party peeps.
This day was her actual 2nd birthday,
Happy birthday Aspyn.
 Opening presents.
She got so many flamingo themed gifts.
This was fllmingo jammies and flamingo swimsuit.
 Flamingo flip-flops.
 Flora and the flamingo book and flamingo purse.
 "mango beach towel"
 Some of the crowd watching her open gifts.
 Not a great pic,
but basically one of the only ones with us all.

We also celebrated Emery's birthday in Utah before our move to North Carolina.
I flew in on Sunday from Charlotte and Jeremy on Monday after we drove across
the country for 4 days with the penske truck, closea on our house,
had movers there, etc.  Then we held the party Tuesday, and flew back
out to North Carolina on Wed.  So to say it was crazy and exhausting is an 
understatement.  But her party was a success, and a kind of goodbye to all our
friends and family too.  Which was super sad! 
But the flamingos were a hit, we did really easy food since it was so chaotic,
but can't go wrong with pizza. She got spoiled with presents
(forgot we were flying when we bought her a scooter, oops
that was fun sending on the plane)
And the kids had fun running around.
Happy Birthday Emery!!

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