Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Elliette turns 7 "with a cherry on top"

 Elliette's invitation.
She wanted a "cherry" party,
she loves cherries so it was very fitting for her
turning the big #7
 I can't believe my "baby" girl is turning 7!
(official birthday is July 7th)
We had her party early in Utah before our move to 
North Carolina so all her friends and family could come.
 The birthday girl by her mini cherry pies.
 My Mom's cakes always steal the show.
And I was able to find cherry candles,
don't ask me how, it was crazy and random.
 We ate LOTS of desserts that night.
Cherry soda bar.
Cherry syrup, cherries in mini pie tins,
and cherry flavored drinks.
 Desserts and drinks.
 We had yummy ice cream with our pies and cake too.
 Cherry gummies on the table.
 Mini pie tins.
 Lucky for us my Mom hooked us up and we were able to
have to party in the new Holiday Inn Express in Springville.
They have a party room, and it was crazy raining that day.
We knew the weather would be bad, so this was perfect.
(just a pain to bring everything inside)
Happy girl.
 I went simple and we had a big salad
bar with Zubs sticks (yummy bread sticks)
and of course Zub's famous ranch.
 Time to eat.
 Tables set up.
Emery helping big sister open gifts.
 Little gifts for our party guesth.
Cherry hand sanitizers and cherry pies.

 How is it possible that our baby girl is 7!
Just as yummy as it looks.
Make a wish!
We had a great party,
we love you so much Elliette!
Happy Birthday!!

We held Elliette's birhhday party before our big move to
North Carolina.  The rain in Utah had been crazy,  for like several
days before the party, so we knew having it outside was not an option.
Luckily we were able to have this party room, 
it worked out perfect for the party.
Just not fun hauling in all your stuff, especially in the pouring rain.
But it all worked out great.
Ellie had a special party with all her friends and family.
She even had a few friends from her 1st grade class, which was a 
big deal for her.  We had yummy desserts, food and drinks.
We are thankful to everyone who came to celebrate her special day.

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