Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quick trip to London

 Cheers to first class to London for
a quick babymoon.
No champagne for the pregnant one this trip.
They seriously wine and dine you.
The seats lay completely flat, and actually even had a massage setting 
in them, if you wanted it on.  We always love the food, especially the soups.
Sounds weird, but the soups every single time are so yummy.
You wake up rested and they give you everything to make you so comfy.
Our Hotel.
Hotel Indigo, Kensington.
We seriously lucked out finding this gem.
The location could not have been better for getting everywhere, 
close to lots of restaurants and our favorite M&S Simply Food grocery store
was just one block away.
Plus the room was awesome.  I especially loved the steps
up to the shower.
 Well hello Big Ben!
This was one of the very first things we saw.
So much bigger than I remembered. 
Do you see that sunshine?
Sun in London, it was beautiful.
 London Eye.
Right across the river from Big Ben.
Then just down another block from Big Ben was Westminster Abbey.
It was closed the day we were there, but still pretty to look at.

Tower Bridge.
(not to be called London Bridge)
We bought Oyster cards for the "tube" their subway in London,
and literally it is so easy to get around the whole city,
you can pop up at each tourist spot and take it all in,
then jump on the tube to your next spot.
So pretty.
We were lucky enough to be on the bridge when they
had the draw bridge up for passing boats, it was really cool to see.
You know, you have have to!
Fish-n-chips in London are required.
We laughed wondering if only Americans order this there.
But man it was delicious.
Breakfast before we headed out for day 2.
Yummiest croissants and cheese filled pastries, then fresh juice from M&S.
We rushed over to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard,
it happens almost daily at 11:00 or 11:30, I can't remember.
Only to find this!!
No Guard changing today.
Of course!
There was the London marathon that ended at the palace
that day, so I think too many crowds.
The bump at Buckingham.
I was 27 weeks when we traveled to London.
Jeremy just in front of the gates.
Buckingham Gates.
I'm sure the inside is stunning, but beside the ornate gates
the palace is kinda bland.
April 2015
Tree lined street right next to the palace.
We found this cute park just down from Buckingham and ate a little picnic there.
Remember the time Jeremy made me walk around the whole Buckingham
just to see this arch?  I do.  It was not a short walk for a pregnant girl.
  We biked through Hyde Park.
Maybe one of our favorite things we did.
This was a beautiful part of the park.  The whole thing is huge, it has a small
lake with canoes on it.  And lots of areas we didn't even see.
Notting Hill.
I've always wanted to see this area.
Although we didn't venture far, we did manage to see some vibrant door and huge knockers!
Cutest milk you ever did see.
Only .49 pence
A big thumbs up to a fantastic trip and even bigger thumbs up
to first class going home.
Always fun exploring with this one.
We are a great travel team and love to see and do
all the same things.  Which also involve eating lots of
yummy new things, that's the best part of travel in my books.

I don't think we could have had a better trip,
well maybe one more day.  We are always crazy rushed, but honestly we saw
so much while we were there.  The hotel and the location made it fantastic too.
I always try to look for something close to the metro, subway or tube in this case.
For easy access, we loved the neighborhood feel of this modern hotel.
We loved exploring London, and had pretty great weather while there,
we only used the umbrella one time the first night while on this wild goose
chase looking for the same fish-n-chips shop I had gone to before.
Long story short, what we got was even better.
I did pretty good being pregnant, walking up LOTS of stairs from the tube.
It's why we got to eat lots of yummy snacks, especially the shortbread we fell
in love with.  We want to go back and do a day trip to Stonehenge and some other
places.  I'd say it was the perfect trip.

Note to self: Good job bringing the correct adapters for the UK, next time
check that your US plugs don't have the weird one prong bigger than the other
and don't fit the converter.  Then next time you will actually be able to use the
curling iron you brought and actually be able to style your hair.

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