Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014

 We celebrated our Christmas Eve on Dec 23rd
so that Christmas morning would be on the 24th.
We were driving to Vegas for our annual Jordan Family vacation
on the 24th, so that morning was a whirlwind.
 We set out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.
 All ready for the excitement of Christmas morning.
 Merry Christmas!
The girls got this fun Lemonade stand that converts to a
grocery store, a sweet shop and a vet clinic.
 The excitement was the best part.
Seeing their faces light up.

 They also got lots of new fun food to play with and a cash
register for their Sweet Shop.
 A Keurig!
Spoiled.  This makes the BEST chai lattes ever!
 Both girls were so excited, patient and said thank you after each gift.
They loved seeing what each other got and it was simply magical.
 Excited for each gift the other one opened.
"Ellie can you share" Emery kept saying.
 One got a littlest pet shop house and the other a Tinkerbell house.
 Christmas morning kisses.
 For the pilot's new desk in the new house.
Merry Christmas 2014!

Christmas morning, excitement and exhaustion.
Jeremy got home really late that night, then we were up early,
opened gifts, had a yummy breakfast in between gifts, then
packed the car and headed straight to Vegas to meet up with the fam
who was already there.  I'll do a post on Vegas, it was a blast and kids had
so much fun playing with cousins and running around the huge house.
Christmas morning is always magical with kids.  I think we had to wake them
both up, which I thought this would be the year they woke up early.
They loved everything and didn't want to leave anything to go to Vegas.
Ellie told me the night before
"I think we have been a little naughty, but I think Santa knows we said sorry"
  She was last minute repenting, it was so funny.
They are always such good girls and it was fun to see the magic of Christmas
is their eyes that morning.