Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween 2014

 The week of Halloween we celebrated with festive food.
Mummy dogs for dinner and pumpkin carving
Emery's perfect stem pumpkin,
I always hate to carve them, they are too perfect.
This night we put our Mr. Potato Head
pumpkin  pieces in our pumpkins, it got too late to carve.
There is a fight every year over the princess pieces,
why did I not buy two sets?
On Halloween Ellie and I actually did carve a pumpkin
to light up that night.
My little princess did great with the carving knife.
Elliette makes the best Snow White.
Our front porch
with tons of trick-or-treating anticipation.
Snow White and a Fairy ready to get some candy.
All ready to start.
As soon as we got the first kid coming around to 
our house, the kids were so anxious to start themselves.
Skipping from house to house.
We got to trick-or-treat with Olivia and Caden.
We were quite the festive group.
Spooky house.
There are so many cute decorated houses in our

Wow it's been weeks since Halloween, 
life has been so busy I am just getting to blogging about our
festive week and actually trick-or-treating that night.
We had so much fun seeing all the houses lit up and decorated.
Jeremy was not home unfortunately, 
but luckily Katelyn, Wes, Treece and Kelly
with the kids came with us.
It was so fun to all go together and the weather could not
have been more perfect.