Monday, September 29, 2014

First taste of Fall in Utah

 We checked Ellie out of school as a total surprise
to have a day of pumpkin picking
and a drive up the canyon.
The picking process is always very intense, as you can tell.
 We always hit the same house for a few of our pumpkins,
then a fun barn in Payson, the rest at the grocery stores.
But this house is always so festive and fun.
 I hope I'm passing on my love of Fall and 
Pumpkin picking 2014
Elliette had fun picking out some baby pumpkins.
She also was super excited we busted her from school.
 The baby pumpkins are so cute we want them all.
 Tibbal Fork Reservoir.
We have never been here before, I have no idea why, it's a short
drive up American Fork Canyon. 
 It was so pretty up there.
 Fooling around with Daddy.
 It's the most wonderful time of the year!
My happy time, Fall is my absolute favorite.
We didn't see much color,
but we went on the side of the canyon with mainly Aspens that
had started to turn bright yellow. 
I'm sure in the next week or so it will be Fall leaf peak time. 
 There are the cutest picnic areas all the way up the canyon.
A cute bridge to one of them.

 Tibbal Reservoir,
Alpine Loop American Fork Canyon
 Fall leaves crunching under our boots,
hot chocolates in hand and canyon drives.
Our favorite time of the year.

We have had our first glimpse of Fall with the weather this
last week.  You can see the leaves changing on the mountains and
all the pumpkin patches are setting up.
Jeremy and I actually had a day off together
(only due to the fact he has been really sick with a sinus
infection, he is on the mend but not 100% yet)
So since it doesn't happen very often I wanted to see
Tibble Fork, I had been seeing so many people posting
about going up there.  We stopped for pumpkins, lunch then
a drove up the canyon. It rained on us a bit, but then
let up and felt like the perfect Fall day.
Hopefully we can make it up again to see the leaves
when they have lots of color.

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