Sunday, September 7, 2014

First day of school

 Elliette's first day of school
 Look at our big first grader.
She was super excited for her first day of school,
her lunch packed for her first day eating at school too. 
 How is it possible she is in First Grade.
I swear we just brought her home from the hospital. 

 Emery was so excited for big sister.
She also couldn't wait for her first day back to preschool.
 Emery's first day of Preschool
 Oh Miss Emery you are getting too big too fast.
Pretty soon you'll be in school all day like big sister. 
 Eme was so excited to go back to
Mrs. Amber's class.
 Love her little leg pop.
Sending my babies to school
is so bittersweet.
Love seeing them excited for school, their teachers,
and friends, but I hate seeing them grow up so fast.

This is the real deal for Ellie this year.  School all day.
She is already loving school, we love her teacher, which was a
big relief.  She loves eating at school, packing it from home or
looking at the calender and see what they are having that day to
decide what one she wants.  She did really good memorizing her
school number for school lunch.  She's such a big girl.
Jeremy is home most of the school week and I'm working,
he's been so good to already have done homework with her
by the time I get home.
Emery loves playing at school, snack time and her teacher.
Luckily no homework for her yet.
Our little scholars.

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