Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to school

These beauties are off to school!
Elliette starts First Grade on Tuesday, we meet her new teacher tomorrow night.
Emery starts after Labor Day, she is going back to preschool for her last year
before kindergarten. 
 My big First Grader!
And my big Preschooler!
 This is such a big year.  
The start to her school career.
School all day, eating in the cafeteria,
and real homework every night.
 Eme loved her school so much last year and is excited to go back.
This year she will go Mon, Wed and Fridays.
 A preview of all the homework and reading we have coming our way.
 Big sis reading to baby sister.
 Elliette looks so big here!
So grown up.
She is changing so fast, these two better slow down because my heart
can't handle them getting any bigger. 
 Sassy pants struttin her stuff. 
Happy school year you two!
We hope you learn lots, meet new friends,
study hard, have fun and love your teachers.

This year is the real deal for Ellie.  Kindergarten was only half
day, and by half day only 2/12 hours long.  So this year school is all day long.
We will be packing a lunch {or eating school lunch}
 both of which she is very, very excited for.
She won't be home until 3 pm! 
 I'm going to miss her like crazy.  It seems like such a long day.
New routines are what's ahead for us.  Packing lunches the night before,
making sure it is things Ellie can open at school, getting homework done,
and new bed times {yeah!!}.
I'm so proud of both the girls, both are excited for school,
they are so smart and always super sweet.
Here's to a great school year!