Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pioneer Days

 Fiesta Days Carnival in Spanish Fork.
The Wendlands timed it just right from their looooong drive
from Yellowstone to hit up the carnival with us.
They were thrilled to get out of the car after a long ride and stand in long
lines.  Carnie rats for life! lol
But the kids loved every second of it.
 Donna sportin her darker locks.
We made an appt with Treece for early Wed morning before boating.
It's fun to have a girlie day at the salon.
 Donna and I on the tube.
We laughed and screamed so hard.
I think the boys took it easy on us, they were on the boat with all the kids
and pictured life taking care of them without us :)
So they were only partially mean whipping us around.
 Eme, thrilled as always.
She naps on the boat a lot, must be relaxing.
 Snippets of our day on the boat.
We were really trying to sell them on Utah.
 All sorts of shenanigans going on in the boat.
 We literally unloaded the boat, changed, packed the cooler
and headed up the canyon to meet our friends camping up Diamond Fork.
 The creek running right by their camp site.
 The kids had fun stacking, and stacking, and stacking
wood blocks.
I missed the pics of the "mud" the kids were making.
It was hilarious.  All the boys, and Addy were great mud
makers, my girls supervised.  Ellie said it was "gross", lol, my girl!
 Addy literally said "whoever wants to take our picture, feel free"
I never miss an opportunity to capture cute kiddos.
 We spent the actual 24th {Pioneer Day}
hiking up Payson Canyon to the grotto.
 Hiking, splashing in water and a fun picnic.
The perfect day. 
 A big thumbs up for Mapleton's fireworks show!
We grabbed pizzas and snacks and went to Mapleton's firework show.
They really do it up right.  Band before, small town-feel, and the best
fireworks hands down every single year.
 The girls.
Candice, Katelyn, Donna and I.
Happy July 24th from the Bogards!

This was the last night the Wendlands were here.
We had a BBQ and an intense game of badminton!
Yay baby!
 It's our new family sport, so much fun, and hilarious too.
  I think we sat out by the firepit every single night,
sat under the stars, sometimes with kids running around, and others
with the peace and quiet of them asleep.
The perfect Summer nights every night.

The Wendlands were just here for about 5 days.
They hit up Yellowstone first then spent all week with us.
I think we ran around non-stop.
When Friday finally came around we did breakfast at Joe's Cafe,
got stuff for dinner and then relaxed.  I think we were all exhausted
from all week.  Wish they didn't have to go!
The kids are going through major "the boys" withdraw. 

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