Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Birthday America- Our 4th of July

Red. White. and Blue all day long
 My little firecrackers! 
 America the beautiful!
We started our day with Patriotic Pancakes
and Patriotic music playing. 
 We spent the day in Scofield with Katelyn and her in-laws.
We didn't have any plans, thought about going to a movie but
really nothing out and we were not BBQing until 8pm, 
so drove up Spanish Fork Canyon.  Scofield res is so pretty to see.
 Our 4th of July BBQ.
 Lazy Susan with lots of fruit.
 Nick and Noni waiting to get their grub on.
 Getting ready to eat and watch fireworks.

Food then fireworks.
 Who is excited for the show???
 While eating the fireworks in our neighborhood started,
and I mean really started.  This was just over our shoulders, but
we could hear and see them everywhere.
 We walked out front and they had started up there too.
 Red, white and blue glow necklaces.
 Eme loved them at first, but when inside after a bit.
Too many loud noises for her.
 Fireworks sidelines.
 Party people.
 Our neighbors in this direction over our house
must have spent thousands of fireworks.
They were incredible!
 We had lots of fountains and aerials to launch too.
 Ellie loved all the action.
 Firework masters.
Seriously these aerials were non-stop.
We could not look fast enough in every direction to 
catch them all. 
Our neighborhood was a glow.
One of the best shows I've seen that is not professional.
 Rootbeer floats by the fire pit
with S'mores.
The perfect end to the night as fireworks
went on well into the night.
 Happy Birthday America!
Land that I love.
The girls, Jeremy and I camped out in the backyard
in our tent.  An awesome way to spend the 4th.
Sparks were flyin!

Our 4th was filled with all things patriotic.
I love this day so much!
I think it may be my 2nd favorite holiday, next to Halloween.
It's been super hot, like really hot the last little bit,
so it was nice to escape up the canyon where it was a bit cooler.
Then we spent the night with family, yummy food and
incredible fireworks.
We followed it with another great display on the 5th too.
I am not sure where people were getting so many
fireworks, but we sure were enjoying them.
Happy 4th of July!

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