Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

 Father's Day 2014.
We surprised Jeremy on Tues when he landed from a flight with
his Father's Day dinner and treats.
He only had a few days home and was not going to be home
on Sunday, so it was the only day we could pull it off where it was
an actual surprise.
{we are getting really good at celebrating holidays on
all sorts of random days}
 The girls and I had drinks and presents and his favorite BBQ
waiting for him.

 So excited for Daddy to see everything.
 Smokehouse BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
with their yummy sauces and my favorite the Alabama sauce.
Then we followed up with chocolate fondue.
It was Daddy-approved.
We love Daddy!
 These girls cannot get enough of their Daddy.

We are so blessed to have this guy in our lives.
We love when we can make him feel special for one day, because he
makes us feel special every single day.
We love you Jeremy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Plan B

 Big thumbs down!
We met Daddy at the airport with plans to catch a flight to Atlanta,
stay the night and get up early and catch the flight to Shreveport.
When the flight filled up quickly and they only had 2 seats left
we decided we needed plan B.
We were all packed and had the vacation mindset.
 We looked at flights to Vegas, but they didn't look good coming home.
So we headed down to Mesquite NV, 
Katelyn's in-laws have a house there that we stayed at.
We got in really late, but had reserved a room at the Casa Blanca for Tues so 
that we could swim and be poolside.
 We went over about 11 a.m. and they had a room so we were able
to be at the pool all day long.  We snacked, lounged, got in and out of the pool
and worked on getting rid of our winter white skin. 
 Jeremy and the girls went down the slide like a million times.
I did once and went completely under.
I was done after that.
We have not just laid by a pool all day in a long time.
We left our stuff went and got lunch
(p.s. the Pad Thai here is amazing!)
then came back to swim some more. 
 Operation Wear The Kids Out=Success.
 Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas.
Tues we woke up and headed to Vegas,
it's only 1 hour from Mesquite.
The kids had never been, we knew there are some kid
stuff to see.  We parked at the Bellagio and hit the gardens first. 
If you have never been Bellagio changes out their gardens all the time,
it's always a surprise to see what the theme is.
 Eme our photographer.
 I swear all we did was eat this trip.
Crepe at Bellagio.
As good as it looks.
 You forget how much walking you do!
We went from Bellagio to Ceasars Palace, which is actually 
very uninteresting for kids.
(the toy store is gone)
Then back to Bellagio to catch the tram to Monte Carlos.
Hershey store was a huge hit.
It was the first time we had been to it, it's new in the New York, New York.
 The best picture of the whole day!
Get it Eme!
This was a brownie sandwich with whipped peanut butter cream,
topped with Reeses cups and pieces.
Pure bliss.
Like I said all we did was eat.
 This was Ellie's favorite thing we did.
Fountains at Bellagio.
She was in awe the whole time.
(Eme's favorite thing was the fake alligator in front of
Rain Forrest Cafe, lol.)
Our last stop The Venetian.
We hit all the kid friendly spots, and one day is perfect
with kids in Vegas.  
The kids slept the whole way back to Mesquite.
Seriously there is so much walking in Vegas.

After we were deflated for missing our flight we made up for it
with a spontaneous quick jaunt to Mesquite and Vegas.
Sounds crazy but this was one of my favorite little trips we have done.
It was so leisurely.  We did whatever we wanted, whenever.
Casually got up, got breakfast and headed to the hotel to
lay by the pool all day long. The only time we left the pool was to
get lunch. Vegas was so much fun, tiring, but fun.
And it made us went to go down for an adult trip soon.
The nice part is after Vegas we stayed another night in Mesquite.
Then ate lunch and shopped in St. George
 before heading home on our last day.
It was the perfect unplanned couple of days just all being together.
Although we are super sad we didn't see Grandma Bogard, Pappy Steve
and Kevin we are glad we went to do something.