Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last day of Preschool for Emery

 Emery's last day of school and
year end performance  5-20-14.
 First/last day photos.
How is my baby done with her first year of
preschool? Honestly I blinked and this school year was over.
Looking so big and darling.
Jeremy and I went to her little performance.
We were shocked how loud she sang and knew every motion.
He laughed so hard at some of her facial expressions, and were so proud.
 Little Wizard's Preschool
 Emery with her teacher Mrs. Amber.
"Miss Hamber"
as Eme says.
 So proud of our baby girl!
She is growing so fast, she is super smart,
hilarious and did an amazing job.

Emery had her little school performance this week and was given
a little graduation certificate, she was so thrilled.
Then Thursday they get to have a fun party day which she cannot wait for.
She loved school this year, loved her teacher and was
always excited to go to school.
It makes me sad she is growing up so fast.
We laugh every day at her stories, expressiveness and creative phrases too.
She is always a crackup.  She keeps us laughing and is such a sweet
spirit in our home.

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