Monday, May 26, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation

 Elliette's last day of Kindergarten
 Last day of Kindergarten....EVER!
 Although I have mixed feelings about it actually being over, 
feeling like it went too fast, and she's just my baby girl.  To being excited to see her
grow, learn and meet even more new friends. She couldn't be more excited
about eating lunch at school next year.  I still feel like time is just going waaaaay
too fast for my liking.
 First day/last day of Kindergarten.
 At Kindergarten graduation performance.
She did so good, sang all the songs, said her part she had memorized
and practiced and did all the actions.  It actually was a really cute
performance with darling songs.
 They played the graduation march and they all got
diplomas from their teachers.
It was hard not to cry, they all looked so cute.  I realized this is really
the start of her school career from here on out she'll be in school
all day every day.
{Doesn't she look so excited and proud here?}
 Ellie's Teacher Mrs. Hales.
She was a fabulous teacher. 
 Kindergarten grad of Riverview Elementary School
Emery was very proud of her big sister. 
Elliette, Emery and Mallory.
Ellie's cute friend Mallory who she has just adored this year.
They have had several playdates and Eme is always invited
too, which is super sweet.  So Emery thinks she is one
of the girls too.

It's hard to take it all in, Ellie graduating Kindergarten, Emery finishing
her first year of Preschool, and all in one week.  That's a lot for a mama to handle.
They are just growing so fast, too fast.  Finishing Kindergarten really is such a milestone.
It is the start of her being in school every single day all day long from here on out.
The start of lots of memories, friends, dances, proms, late night studying, and so much more.
I am glad she had such a good teacher which has given her a good foundation for all the 
years to come.  Her program was darling and so much fun to watch.  
She did such a good job in it and we were proud watching her.
Way to go Ellie!

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