Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yosemite for Jeremy's birthday

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We tagged along with Jeremy's trip to Fresno.
We took the late flight out which was Jeremy's flight.
He did not have to fly anywhere on Friday which 
was his actual birthday so we decided to go to Yosemite.
 Getting to see Daddy at work.
It's so fun being on his flight, knowing he is actually flying us.
And getting to hear his voice on the announcements is always fun.
 The girls took over Jeremy's seat and were ready to
fly us all the way to California.
 Yosemite was a little over an hour's drive from Fresno.
Right after the toll both you turn right to the Mariposa Grove. 
 Luckily for us the road was open this early in the season. 
 Sometimes there is too much snow still and you  can't drive.
 You pull up to the parking lot and immediately start seeing the huge sequoias. 
 I mean massively huge. 
 Pictures do not do them justice.
They are so thick and tall.  The other trees look like
tiny pencils in comparison. 
 There was quite a bit of snow still at the Mariposa Grove.
We trudged through it on the pass around the Grove.
It was pretty slick and icy in some parts.
 The girls loved playing in the snow off the paths.
 Fallen Tree.
The roots of this giant are unfathomable.
 I wanted to see this giant so bad.
It was one of the first things you come to along the trail.
Standing next to it is unbelievable.
Even bigger next to it.
Not even the full length of Fallen Tree.
 Jeremy next to a few along our trail to 
The Grizzly Giant on the right. 
 Grizzly Giant.
True statement.  This guy was massive.
 Hollowed tree. 
 Catching snowflakes on her tongue.
It started to snow while we were at the hollowed tree. 
Tree huggers.
Mariposa Grove,
Yosemite National Park
We drove towards Yosemite Valley, about an hour from Mariposa Grove.
You pass through a cool tunnel, immediately out of the tunnel you see this!
It's amazing to be the first site after coming through the dark tunnel.
 Half dome and Bridalveil Fall.
 Eme was too cold to get out of the car,
but Elliette explored with us.
 Half dome in the fog.
We hit a little snow at this point.
We explored Yosemite Village.
Got hot chocolate and saw the visitors center.
It is a fun little area, like a small community.
 Thumbs up for a fun Birthday spent exploring.
 Our favorite little spot.
Along the trail to Bridalveil Fall was this cute little stream.
It was so perfect it almost looked fake. 
Happy Birthday Babe!
 Our good little hikers.
They loved running around, seeing the
trees, picking up sticks and being in nature.
 Seriously though doesn't this place look fake?
It's too perfect, perfect lined path and too pretty.
America the Beautiful! 
We loved the moss on everything.
Ellie said this looked like the rock people on Frozen,
it kinda did. 
 As we were leaving the park the clouds parted and the sun
started shining.  It was absolutely perfect, of course as we were leaving,
but still perfect.  
A view a little less foggy.
 The perfect day celebrating Jeremy turning 35!
Love you babe!
Thanks for letting us tag along.

Every once in awhile Jeremy gets a trip where he flies out one day,
doesn't go anywhere the 2nd day at all. This was one of those trips.
We flew out late Thursday night, spent the day Friday at Yosemite
and flew back home Saturday morning.  
The nice thing about Fresno is how close the hotel is to the airport,
and rental car was right there too. Sometimes the smaller airports
are so much more convenient.
{we got a nice rental car upgrade, birthday bonus!}
Yosemite was a little over an hour away, and is a real pretty drive.
We stopped in the little town and got sandwiches for later 
and headed into the park.
Mariposa Grove is the closest to the entrance and was my favorite part
seeing the giant sequoia trees was breathtaking.
We love all of Yosemite and would like to spend more time.
It was cold at first, it would be nice to go back later in the year.
I was surprised how much snow they still had.
The hikes we did were fun and easy and so pretty.
So glad we could celebrate Jeremy's birthday all together.

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