Sunday, April 20, 2014

Princess Prom

Elliette's very first corsage
(thank goodness it was from Daddy, my heart can't handle
her growing up so fast)
 Ellie had a Princess Prom at her school this week.
I decided very last minute to run to the florist right by my office
 for a small corsage Jeremy could give her.
She was so excited!
I am sure she felt like a real life princess. 
And I am sure your first flowers should come from Daddy.
 She walked down the stairs and her handsome date
was waiting, just like real Prom.
 Prince Charming and Princess Elliette.
I swear her hair was perfectly curled, then by the time
we walked downstairs it had fallen a bit.
Her hair is SO thick it is ridiculous. 
Not fair. 
 Off to the dance they go.
 Every girl should be taught at a young age how to be treated by boys.
Emery was so excited for Ellie.
She wanted to get dressed up too really bad, so she and I went 
on a date to Costco instead, just as good right? :)
(this is me actually holding them too tight so they don't grow
up too fast and stay little by my side forever)

I am sure there was so much dancing going on including
The Robot from those two.
We found at just on Monday that there was a Daddy/Daughter
dance on Thursday called the Princess Prom.
Jeremy actually was home, so Ellie was so excited she could take her.
I was actually a little emotional getting her ready, I know I'll blink
and she'll be going to real Prom.
She looked like the perfect Princess, and Jeremy said there was
actually a Dad dressed as a knight at the dance, that is awesome.
Eme and I enjoyed spending some time alone, and she got a
churro at Costco, so I'm sure that healed her hurt feelings for
not going to the dance.

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