Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our Easter festivities 2014

Leading up to Easter we went to Katelyn and Wes'
house to dye eggs and bbq.
My little bunnies all ready to dip those eggs.
Everyone got festive.
The actual dying always gets competitive. 
And we always wish we hard boiled more.
Annual Glow In The Dark Hunt!
Our favorite part of Easter.
The glow sticks and flashing items are always a hit.
Fun for the kids and adults.
Too bad it is hard to take pics of all the glowing eggs.
The Easter bunny visited us on Saturday morning.
{funny how he know when Daddy is leaving on a trip
so that he can see the kids' excitement}
The egg trail lead right to their baskets.
Saturday morning we had the huge Easter egg hunt at GG's house.
There are eggs EVERYWHERE!
Honestly every inch is covered.
It is pure excitement of running, yelling and egg grabbing.
Aspyn getting so big!
The girls filled their baskets in like 15 seconds.
We had to get plastic sacks for the overflow.
Who is more excited?
Jeremy or the kids?
The egg hiding wraps around the house too.
Katelyn and I holding Aspyn.
Ryah looking so grown up.
The kids looking for eggs, and the adults
looking for the one golden egg hid just for the "big kids"
everyone was out for blood.
Now the good part!
We had so much candy it was not even funny.
Grandma Ruth with all but 4 of her great grandkids.

Easter weekend was full of bunny festivities,
it kept us hopping from one place to another.
The glow-in-the-dark hunt is a fun tradition that the kids
totally get into.  Then the hunt at GG's is always a hit.
It is ridiculous how many eggs are put out to find.
Daddy was even here until early afternoon and got to
experience it all with us.
We even invaded my parents' weekend in Park City
and went up to swim and shop.
I don't think there was a dull minute,
and we loved every second of it.

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