Saturday, March 29, 2014


Monday morning we headed to Southern Utah to stay
in St. George and explore Zions National Park.
We stopped in Beaver to get squeaky cheese and icecream.
It's a must when traveling that way.
{ps the smoked gouda is the bomb too!!}
 Zions National Park.
March 2014
 Breathtaking and big.
 We first went to the covered one mile tunnel.
This little cove was along the way.
 Ready to explore.
 The huge red rocks are gorgeous.
 We even saw a mountain goat along the way.
 Probably the best pics of the day!
Bob spraying down Jeremy. 
 Let's do this thing!
Ready to hike. 
 On the way up to Emerald Pools.
 The road under the "waterfall" at lower Emerald Pools Fall.
It was more like a small drizzle.  
Just above the fall is mid pools.
Sweet sisters posing for a picture.
 Croix and Cooper exploring. 
Oh the difference between boys and girls is such a real thing.
The whole hiking group.
{we also did the weeping rock hike,
but I must have not gotten any pics of it}
 13 years ago we came to Zions and finally made it back.
Love exploring with this guy.
Always an adventure.
We went to our hotel that night and let the kids swim and...
jump on the beds, of course.
We got rested up for another full day of hiking and exploring.
 Day 2.
We started Tuesday out by hitting the Narrows in St. George.
I think everyone really liked hiking here.
 Go kids go!
 Ellie was our little hiker girl.
Made her Daddy proud.
{love this picture of them two}
 Bob at the top of the red rock.
 The kiddos.
We got them to sit still for 5 seconds for a picture all togehter,
not as easy feat.
 St. George Utah Narrows
March 2014
 The wives.
  So much to explore.
We got inside every nook we could.
 Such a cool rock to climb on.
 Such a nice time of year to explore in 
Southern Utah before it gets to hot.
It was already plenty warm.
 Cooper and Emery.
 Made it back to Zions.
 This was such a pretty spot.
 Cute little tiny waterfall.
  This hike was called the Riverside walk.
It was really pretty and all shaded so not too hot.
Goodbye Zions!
You were beautiful.

Donna thought we could see the whole state of Utah in one weekend :)
So we settled on seeing Zions.
I am so glad we did.
  It's not too far away, and St. George is
always fun to stay in.  Zions was beautiful.  We timed our visit just right,
after March 31st you can drive in but then have to park and take the park 
shuttle to all the hikes.  It just gets to busy and is not real big.  So we
got to drive all around and explore.  Also the weather was perfect.  I cannot
imagine going down any later, it was getting pretty hot while we were there.
I think a highlight of the trip, besides squeaky cheese, was hiking the Narrows.
Kids young and old loved this.
So many places to explore.  
There really are so many places in Utah to explore that we have never even
been to.  We need to pick a new place every so often and see this beautiful State
that we live in.

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