Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our week with the Wendlands

 "The Boys" came to town!
{As the girls refer to them}
Croix and Cooper came for a whole week.
They got in pretty late Wed night so Thur morning when we were all functioning
we grabbed lunch at Kneaders then hit the park to let the kids run around.
Kid chaos!
Pure excitement and energy from these 4.
Bob braved watching all 4 kids while Donna and I ran to the
mall looking for sunglasses.
We were nice and brought back treats from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.
They also had their very first cake bite.
  Hope I got them hooked.
 Friday after a hair appt for Donna we took the kids to
the Farm at Thanksgiving Point.
{I love how Eme picked a horse just like her,
little with blonde hair}
 Down on the farm.
 It was SOOOO cold this day.
It didn't start out that way but turned windy and super cold.
This horse drawn carriage ride was fun and freezing.
  Sweet moment caught of Donna and Croix. 
 Saturday was our covert operation day of Jeremy's surprise party.
But we had time to hit up Parley's Place for lunch.
Love this little retro place, and the food is so good!
 Miss Emery sittin pretty.
{we also took a HUGE bag of fries to Salem Pond
and fed the ducks}
 The Boys wanted to see and play with snow so bad!
So Sunday morning we went to Sundance and finally found some.
It is scarce right now.  The snow is almost all melted everywhere.
They are like us about the beach in Florida
when they come to Utah they want snow.
I don't get it, but hey ;)
Boys being boys throwing "ice" at each other,
since I wouldn't really call it snow.
 Sunday was a fun-filled day.
Later in the day we went shooting on the West Mountain.
Bob had brought his gun too so we all took turns. 
 Ellie taking her turn.
 Watch out for Donna.
 Bob's turn.
 Emery did good shooting too.
 Croix looks legit.
Don't mess with him.
Cooper the sharp shooter.

Me next post will show our jaunt down to Zions National Park,
since it needs its own post to show all the beauty we saw.
We have been counting down and counting down for the Wendlands
to come stay with us over their Spring break, 
 now it has come and gone and we are so sad it's over.
The girls keep talking about "The Boys"
we are all sad they are gone.  One week is NOT enough time.
But looking back we did a lot while they were here.
We ate some yummy places, made yummy food at home too,
saw lots and had Jeremy's surprise party.
I was so glad Donna was here to help me get set up.
We hope they all had so much fun that they book their next trip back ASAP!

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