Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flying into old age.

Jeremy's surprise birthday party invitation.
It was a big secret.
I had planned to have his party just a bit early while our
friends were here with us from Florida. 
Everyone was in on it.
It was a covert operation.  
All the guys went shooting
and got Jeremy out of the house while we hurriedly
got things set up and ready.
This sign was on the inside garage door when he got home. 
 Bogard Airport  
 We all stood on the stairs and waited for him to walk in
and figure it all out.
He was really surprised he had no idea.
Drink station.
(these drinks were a hit of the kids that were there)
Thanks to Wes and his gun expertise to get all the guys out shooting.
 Hanging out just waiting on Jer.
 Thanks to all who helped surprise Jeremy.
(and WHY did I not get pics of eveyone!!!)
I was the worst picture taker ever this party.
Jet fuel drink station.

Airport Hangar.
My chef sister Sid came and helped with food.
We did mexican food, and I would have NEVER
made these 7-layer dips this pretty without her.
 Ready to soar into old age.
The big 3-5 
 I ordered the cake as "light blue" with clouds,
guess they heard "bright blue." 
 Oh well, it tasted good. 

Airplanes everywhere. 
Wouldn't be a flight without peanuts and pretzels.
 In flight snack service.
and peanut M&M's.
  First class snacks.
  Love this guy so much!
Thanks to all who helped surprise him.
He was surrounded by friends and family who all
love him.  It was the perfect night.

I am going to begin by saying I was the worst picture taker ever this party!
I got no pics of the food, hardly any of any guests and if I hadn't taken
some on my phone I'd have hardly any photos.
With that being said I had kept the surprise party from Jeremy for weeks.
I really wanted him to come home from a flight to us all being there,
but since he got home so late on Friday night we had to plan it for Saturday.
We really had to twist the guys' arms to all go shooting :)
He said he was totally surprised and really had no idea.
We had a snack station, 7-layer dips, build your own  taco, burrito or
toastada.  Then a grill  your own quesidilla station.
The food was good, and again thanks to Sid who helped in the kitchen,
an hour to get ready goes really quick.

So happy early birthday Jeremy!
I don't know anyone more deserving of a little extra love on your
birthday than you.

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