Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Eve Fondue

 Valentine's Eve dinner.
Jeremy leaves on a trip on Valentines so we celebrated early
 We ordered a heart shaped pizza,
the girls were so excited.
Mom and Dad ate chicken-bacon-artichoke pizza,
it is my favorite.
Bottoms up.
Strawberry milk for the girls in fancy glasses.
 They kept asking for refills.
Guess it is fun in a fancy glass and fun straw.
 My little sweethearts.
 The loves of my life.
 Onto the best part of dinner....fondue!
We have done fondue both cheese and chocolate for
Valentines for the past few years, this year the heart pizza
won out, but the chocolate was amazing.
 Professional dippers....and double dippers.
 "I like chocolate"
Jeremy says because chocolate is involved he likes Valentines
(his least favorite "made up holiday")
My Valentine.

We kept to tradition and had fondue tonight.
I mean really you can't argue in dipping anything and everything
in chocolate.
(I'll be living at the gym to make up for it)
We sat around the table and talked. laughed and dipped.
Even though Valentines is kinda a silly holiday it is fun
to be with the ones you love, eat yummy food,
and have a day spent to just loving on them.
Plus any holiday lived through kids' eyes and excitement
is just fun.

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