Friday, February 21, 2014

doTerra Essential Oils - our natural family

doTerra Essential Oils.

Have you heard of them?
I am guessing probably yes, I had heard about them too,
but really had NO idea how they worked, or really anything about them.
I got invited to a class, and actually was pretty excited to go,
don't think "If I get invited to one more Pampered Chef party I may 
poke my eyes out," think when your Mom raved that 2-3 drops of a certain
oil applied to her temples and neck completely took away her sinus headache,
and starting draining her sinuses immediately, then you trust the source of the invite.

What I walked away with that very first night:

First off the house smelled so INSANELY good because of the diffuser.
She had Wild Orange and On Guard in the diffuser.
Having those oils being diffused in the house was purifying the air, and I swear
to you is an instant mood booster.  On Guard will help prevent sicknesses and
promotes healthy immune function. (think cold and flu season)

Second, I learned that the oils can actually penetrate cell walls.
That when you go to the Dr. and have something viral and they send you
home to wait it out, you can actually use these oils which will penetrate the 
cell wall to attack the virus.

Cells in our bodies are surrounded by an oily membrane.

Bacteria are found on the outside of these cell walls and Viruses are on the inside of the cells.

Regular antibiotics CANNOT penetrate the cell wall and so they only work on bacterial infections NOT on viruses.
Essential oils are highly antimicrobial.
Essential Oils CAN penetrate the cell wall and are therefore effective against bacteria AND viruses.
Essential Oils have been scientifically proven to kill bacteria, virus and even "Superbugs”
(found that on my own search)

Third, I was able to smell lots of the oils. All of which are amazing!
 We used one drop of Peppermint oil rubbed it in our hands, a little under
our nose and on our neck.  Instant cooling effects, smelled amazing, and lasted FOREVER.
My neck stiffness was gone, and I can't tell your how good and clear I was breathing.
Honestly one drop!
You can apply the oil on the bottom of your 
feet where our largest pores are, on your stomach, temples, neck, etc.

Fourth, I kid you not there is an oil for almost any symptom out there.
People are raving these oils, swearing by them and there is a reason.
Do a little google search, you'll see blogs, physicians, chiropractors, spas
(fancy-schmancy spas) using doTerra oils.  I don't know one person who
wouldn't benefit from any of these oils.

I learned lots more but those were my standout items.

I left that night excited and felt like an aha moment had just happened for me.
I felt like I couldn't sleep that night.  It was much information that was so, so
interesting to me.  I am not a big medicine person.  I am really in pain if I take something.
I know how hard it is on your kidneys, liver, stomach, etc.
When 1-2 drops work how can you argue with using something natural?
I've used some oils since my class and am loving every single one I use.
(I'll get specific on my personal testimony from my own experiences later)

I'm not even that deep into it yet, and I feel myself overhearing someone complain
about a certain symptom and I'm thinking to myself  "Oh there is the best oil for that"
haha, I'm already a crazy oil lady.
But hey, can't argue with results. 

I'm having my very first doTerra class tomorrow at my house.
I'm uber excited and can't wait for people to know what I know now.
Did you know you can make money being a consultant?

If you want to contact me about any questions
e-mail me at
also you can order form me too. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Eve Fondue

 Valentine's Eve dinner.
Jeremy leaves on a trip on Valentines so we celebrated early
 We ordered a heart shaped pizza,
the girls were so excited.
Mom and Dad ate chicken-bacon-artichoke pizza,
it is my favorite.
Bottoms up.
Strawberry milk for the girls in fancy glasses.
 They kept asking for refills.
Guess it is fun in a fancy glass and fun straw.
 My little sweethearts.
 The loves of my life.
 Onto the best part of dinner....fondue!
We have done fondue both cheese and chocolate for
Valentines for the past few years, this year the heart pizza
won out, but the chocolate was amazing.
 Professional dippers....and double dippers.
 "I like chocolate"
Jeremy says because chocolate is involved he likes Valentines
(his least favorite "made up holiday")
My Valentine.

We kept to tradition and had fondue tonight.
I mean really you can't argue in dipping anything and everything
in chocolate.
(I'll be living at the gym to make up for it)
We sat around the table and talked. laughed and dipped.
Even though Valentines is kinda a silly holiday it is fun
to be with the ones you love, eat yummy food,
and have a day spent to just loving on them.
Plus any holiday lived through kids' eyes and excitement
is just fun.