Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Resoultions

2014 is here and so are the resolutions!

Maybe if I post some I'll actually stick to them.
My word for the year of 2014 is ADVENTUROUS


 adjective \əd-ˈven-ch(ə-)rəs\
                   :not afraid to do new and adventurous things.
I want to be adventurous in the things I do,
from cooking to spending time with the family.
So here are my goals:

1.  Be more present with the kids.
{disconnect and enjoy playing "restaurant" and "house" with them.
Enjoy the moments.  Don't let them pass.}

2.  Try to cook one new thing a month.
{even if I think it is hard}

3.  Clean my car, and KEEP it clean!
{this is a big one for me}

4.  Read more.
{I am not putting a # on this, just would like to read more}

5.  Simply be adventurous.
{there are so many places even here in Utah I have
never been to.  Must explore more}

6.  Get fit!
{I feel it, this is the year!! lol.  Time to get healthy,
from cooking, exercising, being an active family}

So here is to 2014 being an adventurous year!
Let us not be afraid of new things, new adventures,
new foods, new healthy routines,
new routes and new travels.

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