Thursday, January 16, 2014

A rough start to 2014

We got the yucky, yucky virus that is going around.
Started with Jeremy. He missed 3 days of work and was
sick for 6 days.  Then after he got over that sickness
came down with a deep chest cold that he currently has.
Fun times.
 Then when I took the girls to get out of the house
and give Jeremy some quiet time on Saturday,
Ellie threw up in Hobby Lobby.
Again, fun times.
 I had started my New Year's resolution and was 
hitting the gym, when I got sick too.
This bug comes quick and is ruthless.
Jeremy was fine Friday morning and by that afternoon
he was super sick.  I had taken care of him and Ellie all
weekend and went all the way up to Tuesday, even working
Tuesday feeling fine.
Then. It. Hit.
I missed work Wed and was out for a full 6 days.
Really not fun when sick and the hubby goes back to work.
Eme seemed the least touched by the bug.
This is her waiting for Ellie to get out of school.
She just needed a little lipstick :)

I think, next to the time I had food poisoning, this was the sickest I 
have ever been.  Ever.  I did not leave my house for 5 days.
We felt so bad for the girls, they were so bored.
Jeremy sick, then me sick, then Jeremy sick again.
They were troopers, and I'm glad Ellie got over it quick.
We are back among the living this week.  I've hit the gym
every day so far and everyone seems to be doing better.
This, along with a few little odd things, was not a
good start to our 2014.
Please hope this is not a preview of our year to come.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Resoultions

2014 is here and so are the resolutions!

Maybe if I post some I'll actually stick to them.
My word for the year of 2014 is ADVENTUROUS


 adjective \əd-ˈven-ch(ə-)rəs\
                   :not afraid to do new and adventurous things.
I want to be adventurous in the things I do,
from cooking to spending time with the family.
So here are my goals:

1.  Be more present with the kids.
{disconnect and enjoy playing "restaurant" and "house" with them.
Enjoy the moments.  Don't let them pass.}

2.  Try to cook one new thing a month.
{even if I think it is hard}

3.  Clean my car, and KEEP it clean!
{this is a big one for me}

4.  Read more.
{I am not putting a # on this, just would like to read more}

5.  Simply be adventurous.
{there are so many places even here in Utah I have
never been to.  Must explore more}

6.  Get fit!
{I feel it, this is the year!! lol.  Time to get healthy,
from cooking, exercising, being an active family}

So here is to 2014 being an adventurous year!
Let us not be afraid of new things, new adventures,
new foods, new healthy routines,
new routes and new travels.