Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween 2014

 The week of Halloween we celebrated with festive food.
Mummy dogs for dinner and pumpkin carving
Emery's perfect stem pumpkin,
I always hate to carve them, they are too perfect.
This night we put our Mr. Potato Head
pumpkin  pieces in our pumpkins, it got too late to carve.
There is a fight every year over the princess pieces,
why did I not buy two sets?
On Halloween Ellie and I actually did carve a pumpkin
to light up that night.
My little princess did great with the carving knife.
Elliette makes the best Snow White.
Our front porch
with tons of trick-or-treating anticipation.
Snow White and a Fairy ready to get some candy.
All ready to start.
As soon as we got the first kid coming around to 
our house, the kids were so anxious to start themselves.
Skipping from house to house.
We got to trick-or-treat with Olivia and Caden.
We were quite the festive group.
Spooky house.
There are so many cute decorated houses in our

Wow it's been weeks since Halloween, 
life has been so busy I am just getting to blogging about our
festive week and actually trick-or-treating that night.
We had so much fun seeing all the houses lit up and decorated.
Jeremy was not home unfortunately, 
but luckily Katelyn, Wes, Treece and Kelly
with the kids came with us.
It was so fun to all go together and the weather could not
have been more perfect.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Caribbean Cruise

 Bon Voyage!
Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship
Oct 13-17 2014
 We set sail on Monday Oct 13th,
We got on board around 3:30, grabbed food, and
immediately got in swimsuits.
We waste no time.
 Ready to explore the ship, go down the slide 527 times
and eat at Guy Fieri's Burger Joint.
(I think we ate a burger every day! eek
can you say topping bar?!?! oh yea!) 
 This was me the first day thinking we had the whole week
of relaxation and laziness laying out, 
little did we know we would go non-stop, run from one thing
to the next.  Not until the last sea day did we actually
sit and relax.
 Off to dinner the very first night with Grandma Linda
(thanks Grandma for letting me your roommate, 
she has talked about that non-stop)
 Can we please go back to the best service, best food
and being able to order lots of everything at every meal.
 Enjoying dinner the first night.
4 words.
Warm. Melting. Chocolate, Cake.
This was our favorite dessert,
we tried lots along with this every night.
Why hold back at one dessert, but this hands down
was our fave.
 Post dinner pics.
Off to our very first show on the ship.
That was our nightly routine, dinner then right to
the show of the night.
 Day 2.
Nassau Bahamas
Our ship the Carnival Freedom.
 Shopping at the Straw Market.
Girls got purses with their names put on them. 
Atlantis in the background.
We decided to go shopping then go back to the ship
to swim because that is all the kids wanted to do.
 Day 2 in Nassau.
This was the hottest day and we were shopping
not laying on a beach. So we shopped quick and went back to swim
on the ship.
If only the plates were bigger.
 Back on board to have lunch and go swimming.
Joelle and Ben
looking over the amazing water of the bahamas.
We enjoyed the Serenity adults only deck
for a full hour! lol.
But that hour was blissful.
 Bluest water, my babe and an hour nap
in the lounge pods was perfection. 
 Dinner night 2
Captain's Dinner.
We were kinda surprised that they had Captain's dinner
on the 2nd night, but who can complain about lobster tail 
on night 2.
 The girls looks so fancy in their dresses.
I think they loved dressing up.
 Sisters on the staircase.
 Mama Jo, Ben, Joelle and Braden on Captain's Dinner. 
 The pasta bowl in as big as all 3 girls. 
 Elliette, little poser.
The kids were actually so good at dinner every night,
I think we wore them out every day.
 Emery and Grandma Linda.
 Fancy x's 4
 Linda, Jeremy and Joelle.
I am so glad they all decided to come on the 
cruise, we all had so much fun and memories
to last a lifetime.
 Waiting for the show to start.
 After the show we went up on deck to check our the movie 
they were showing for that night.
How fun to watch movies under the stars and eat popcorn.
 Day 3.
Half Moon Cay
This was by far our favorite port!
 White sugar soft sand, bluest water and our cruise ship
in the background.  Perfection.
 This is their private island, and it is breathtaking.
We didn't want to leave.
Linda wading in the waters of Half Moon Cay.
 The water was so calm,
you could walk out forever and the sand was amazing.
 Love this pic.
 Jeremy Express to lunch.
All aboard.
 This day was just everything.
Kids played and played on the kids gym with slides,
swam and dug in the sand all day.
 Dig and dig all day.
 Family pic.
These 4 played so good,
were constantly together and got along so well.
 Whole group shot.
I hope we get back here in the near future.
 Ellie wearing her cute anchor skirt.
(just doesn't show too well here)
 Dinner night 3
 Dinner was always a highlight of the day.
 Love my hot hubby.
After the fiasco we had getting to Florida and
out of there, we always are a team, figure it out 
together and have fun along the way.
(but remind us we drove from Atlanta to Jacksonville,
then to Ft. Lauderdale for the cruise, then from there to Tampa
due to crazy overloaded flights.  Remind us to not fly
over Fall break.)
 I have to write it down so I remember,
how if one of these did something another followed,
from ordering dinner and dessert, to what they wanted to do.
It was so cute and hilarious.
 Ellie was on one this trip.
She was so funny posing every time I took her pic.
 Post dinner, on our way to the show.
We did get to take the kids to camp this night and
we went to the piano bar, for a bit.
 Kids Camp pirates.
Luckily the kids loved "camp" and actually asked to go.
 Day 4.
Turks and Caicos.
Love this pic of them all hand-in-hand
 Grand Turk.
We had never been here before on any of our other cruises.
We only had to see a small portion of the island,
but it was beautiful.
 These 3.
Sealed at the hip the whole trip.
 Grand Turk with our cruise ship in the background.
We loved that we didn't have to tender into this port.
You get right off the ship and the beach is right there.
 Ellie's suit matched the Caribbean waters,
and Eme off to dig!
That girl could dig in the sand all day. 
 Perfect backdrop.
 Beach bums.
 Joelle and I.
This was the perfect beach day, we spent the first part
with the kids, took them for lunch and Club,
then all the adults came back for more beach time.
 My beach baby rockin the top knot.
 Bogard beach babes.
 Grand Turk
 On our way to get lunch and let kids go to Club.
 Can you believe that water?
 Adult time!
 Mama Jo basking in the sun.
We shopped a little tiny bit, then spent the rest of the day
beaching it up.
 Getting ready for 6:00 dinner every night
was nothing short of a hot mess.
I think the kids went to dinner with wet hair
almost every night, but we made it and that is 
what comes with non-stop activity.
 Dinner night 4.
Loved this dress, but didn't get many pics in it.
Always so rushed for dinner.
Day 5.
This was our at sea day.
We had time to actually sit down and eat at the fancy
restaurant.  Brunch was delicious, and not rushed. 
 Now to enjoy the pool, sun and laying out.
 .....and off the ride the slide a few hundred times.
 Sun, laying out and fruity drinks.
Loved this at sea day.
 I used to think I didn't like the at sea days,
but I actually wish we had 2 full at sea days.
 A shot of our ship.
I feel like we didn't even see parts of our ship,
it's just too busy.
 Ship party people.
 We snacked all day, swim in the pool, back to layout,
back to the pool, back to get food, then sun again.
The entertainment this day was funny and good,
we loved there were so many places to be on the ship 
that it wasn't a fight like we have had on other ships.
 Sums up our trip perfectly.
 Hard to believe this was our last dinner on the ship.
Off to dinner night 5.
 The last night we watched the movie
up on top of the deck.
 We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2
under the stars.
The perfect end.
Loved this vacation.
We enjoyed ourselves, the kids were so good,
they loved every second of it, they loved being with cousins,
and we loved spending time with family.

It feels like we have had this cruise planned FOREVER,
because we basically did.
Then the time finally came and it was just perfect.
Notes for next time:
Get the outside room!
We always say you never spend much time in the room,
which you don't, but with kids and their stuff it's 
just too cramped.
Also the kids did so good I think we could do a 7 day,
and with that we said we would love a full at sea day at first,
and a full one at the end.  It's just so rushed and that lets you 
learn the ship and relax a bit too.
We loved the beaches, I could pass going to Nassau ever again.
Unless you do a an excursion or go to Atlantis I would stay
on the ship. Maybe because we have been before, but
not worth the hassle.  There is a huge long line to get back
to the ships, not fun, especially with kids.
But all in all it was the perfect vacation.
So here's to the next cruise!