Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Craftiness

 We decided to make marshmallow snowmen on a cold day 
stuck inside.  The kids were so excited for a little project. 
 They thought is was so much fun to glue on
all the marshmallows all by themselves. 
Elliette's finished project.
Her snowman even had arms.
 Emery and her finished project.

Our winter in Utah has been kinda up and down with the weather.
We will have a few really nice days then a snowstorm, then nice again.
So on those cold days when we don't want to leave the house we need to
think lots of ways to keep the littles busy.
Thank goodness for Pinterest and oodles of project ideas to do.
This was a fun and easy craft that the kids could do all themselves,
all I did was draw the circles for them.

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