Saturday, November 9, 2013

Out with Halloween in with Fall

 Nothing screams Fall more than
glittery gold pumpkins.
 And small baby Indian corn.
 And the smell of Fall leaves all around.
I'll have to take a pic with our leaf garland all
strung through the pumpkins.

We transitioned from Halloween to Fall in a quick hurry.
It was easy with all the pumpkins we already had.
The Holidays seem to be right on top of each other,
especially this year with there being such a short time between
Thanksgiving to Christmas.
And let me write it down so I can remind my husband how
fabulous the weather has been lately.
Temps in the 60's, beautiful.
Crazy to be so nice in November.
We are loving every minute of it.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween Eve.
We carved some of our pumpkins,
after a few tears from having to pull out our Mr. Potato Head
accessories from a few of them.
 Of course the kids didn't want much to do with taking the guts out.
 They went to town on the carving part though.
 We let both of them actually cut them.
Scary for Mom, but they did good.
We left with all 10 fingers on each girl.
 On Halloween both girls had school.
Jeremy picked up Emery and they both got to go to Ellie's
Halloween parade with her class.
(practicing their waves)
 Perfect Princess wave.
(oops crown falling)
 Little sister watching.
Ellie's biggest fan.
Halloween night.
The girls were about to explode to get going
 Snow White and Dorothy.
Halloween 2013
 We took pictures real quick,
then had to get coats, it got cold quick.
I hate covering their costumes, but it was necessary. 
 Before we left we got a few trick-or-treaters,
I think the kids could have stayed home all night and pass out candy.
I think they liked that more than going themselves.
 Hitting the road.
We told them the faster they go the more candy they get,
they quickly ran.
We have never trick-or-treated in our neighborhood
it was really good. 
 There were so many houses all done up.
I could not get over how many people went all out,
their whole garage and lighting, etc.
It was so cute and festive.
 Little Red Riding Hood and The Captain.
We came home to light our pumpkins,
fill our treat bucket and take a drink break.
 Don't you love the smell of lit pumpkins?
Little Red on an important call to
the Big Bad Wolf.

Halloween is so much fun when you have kids.
They had a fun festive few days even leading up to Halloween.
We carved pumpkins, went to the trunk or treat at the church,
and loved trying on their costumes.
They honestly might have exploded until we actually started
going trick-or-treating.  So mean to make they take pictures.
When we came back for a little break they had more fun
handing out candy than anything.  They loved when the door bell rang.
It gets dark by 7 now so we were done in probably an hour or so.
And after seeing so many people decorate their whole garage
to hand out candy in I want to do that next year too!
(we will see)