Thursday, October 17, 2013

Utah Fall Break

Driving up the canyon to stay for the weekend at
The Bear River Lodge.
Traveling up above Kamas Utah through the Uintas.
The color was so pretty driving up. 
We had rented a HUGE cabin for over Utah's Fall Break,
it is weird being on a "school schedule"
planning around kids in school now.
 Our cabin had two full kitchens,
5 bed rooms and 6 bathrooms,
the upstairs had a fun loft area for the kiddos.
Plenty of room for all. It was so nice.
 A few of us went up early,
we all got to explore the cabin and anxiously await everyone
else get up there.
 Jeremy and I stayed up here about 11 years ago,
we snowmobiled in the winter time.
It was fun to go back up again.
 Settling in.
 Oh the kids were soooo excited that other kids finally got there.
 On the deck Trace, Ellie, Emery and Madson.
We ate so much yummy food the whole weekend.
My Mom even brought up a fun thing
to make smores one night.

 Baby Aspyn!
She was so good the whole weekend. 
 My sister Kristie and I took out her 4-wheeler
to explore some trails.  Then the girls got their first ride.
They were in heaven!
 On Saturday we had a few 4-wheelers rented
and a side-by-side that fit 6.
Plus the ones other people brought up,
so we spent all day taking turns riding.
 Our ride.
Top of the mountain.
 We took the 4-wheelers out for the last ride of the day,
we went looking for mud.
Yes we found it, lots.
The wild ones.
  We could not keep the girls off the 4-wheelers.
Eme was being very "patient"
waiting for her turn.
 Sad it's our last day.
 The whole group.
A big Jeremy thumbs up!
 We almost had a car running, keys
locked in it situation,
well we actually did have that, but glad it got opened.
 Never long enough!
Wish we had a few more days.
 My sister Jill wanted a few family pics taken
while up there.
Didn't they turn our beautiful.
  Then these two had to steal the show too!
Damn their cute plaid-wearing butts
for always looking so cute.
Did I mention there was snow so high up!

I can't say enough how much fun we had spending
some time away at a cozy cabin with the whole family. 
 We left Friday morning and came home
on Sunday, of course it is never long enough.
The cabin was so nice, tons of room for everyone.
The kids ran around, we ate tons of food,
laughed, played games and just enjoyed being together.
It was so nice to just relax.
The 4-wheelers were a blast, luckily no accidents,
no crashes.
I really hope this becomes a family tradition.

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