Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Time

 Last year we happened to find the cutest farm and
 pumpkin patch in Payson.
The girls got to ride ponies and do all sorts of fun things.
While Ellie's friend Mallory was over playing we decided
to go see if it was there again this year,
and it was!
{It's called A County Farm}
just off the freeway in Payson.
So darling.
 There is a petting zoo with the teeniest
little goats ever.
 Right there is a big barn.
I love it because it is not just pumpkins but
all these fun gourds in every shape and color you can imagine.
 They sell them all too.
Pumpkin/gourd heaven!
 While waiting for our tractor ride to the pumpkin patch
the girls got their faces painted.
 Hard to see.
Two ghosts and a cobweb.
{Emery also thinks Mallory is her best friend too,
can you tell? And they are cute to include her}
 Down on the farm.
Ride to go pick our pumpkins.
 Little gems on the ground
just waiting to be picked.
 We all picked out our favorite ones
then got them weighed. 
 We happened to stop while they were doing a festival
of some sorts, so the girls lucked out on face painting
and of course cotton candy down on the farm.
 Hay maze.
They went through like 5 times.
  As we were leaving the man running the tramp
thing asked if we wanted to jump while he didn't have
anyone in line for free,
ummm heck yes!
 Doing flips and all sorts of crazy things.
 They looked higher than the mountains.
 My little daredevil Emery.
She is not afraid of anything.
 See higher than the mountains.
Girls could have bounced all day.
Thanks nice man for making these girls day.
The perfect pumpkin patch day down on the farm.

I was so glad to find that our little gem of a pumpkin patch/farm
was operating this year again.  I tried to find it online but couldn't.
We lucked out even more that is was a festival going on too.
We got pumpkins, rode on the tractor ride to pick them,
got faces painted, jumped in tons of corn,
went through hay mazes and jumped.
The perfect Fall day.
Did I mention this is my favorite time of year?
If you are in Utah go find A County Farm in Payson.

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