Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin painting time again.

 We had a great day with perfect weather for painting
our pumpkins this year.
Shelly with Ava as her helper starting to design.
 We usually have a pretty big crowd,
but we had to do it on a Monday due to schedules,
a girls night we had on the Saturday before.
But all who painted had fun and we got real creative.
 The first year we have done gray,
and I have to say it was one of my favorites.
 Krista's perfect 31 pumpkin.
 I was the official "31" glue and sparkle applier.
 The most perfect stem ever!
 Loved how they all turned out this year.
I love to spray paint the white pumpkins with black paint. 
 Perfect stem, perfect polka dots.
 Our front porch looking so festive.
See how cute the gray turned out.
I love it!
 I mean it's really hard to pick a favorite...

It really may be my favorite day of the year!
I like it even more than putting up the Christmas tree,
because you know that is only fun for 30 minutes,
then it's just a chore.
We usually paint them on a Saturday, but due to already having
our Fall girls night on the 19th, and others being too close to Halloween,
we painted on a Monday so we had a smaller than usual crowd.
But we still had fun.
Halloween is just a few short days away.
Kids CANNOT wait,
 and we can't wait to take them around that night.

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