Friday, September 6, 2013

Emery's first day of preschool

 Emery's big day finally came!
Her very first day of preschool.
She was so excited to be a big girl too,
take her backpack and actually go to school.
Off to Little Wizard's Preschool
 My baby girl looked so cute that morning. 
 How did this happen?
Both girls big enough to be in school.
 After we dropped off Ellie to Kindergarten
we took Emery to her school.
Her hanging up her tiny backpack.
Mrs. Amber showing Emery her first project.
She loved her first day,
she couldn't stop talking about it.

There were no tears dropping Emery off, on her or my part.
She was just so dang excited.  But she did look teeny tiny
getting dropped off.  I cannot believe both my baby girls are in school now. 
 Elliette was so excited for Emery that morning, it was so cute.
After dropping them off I had 2 hours to myself,
it was blissful! haha
I had a "mommy moment" by myself went and got a
iced hot chocolate and probably did cartwheels down the aisles 
of a store or two.  I missed them like crazy and came
home and watched the clock until it was time to get them,
but for those two hours it was pretty nice.
Emery goes Tues and Thur from 9-11,
and Ellie every day from 8:40-11:25.  So to say we 
are running like crazy this year is an understatement.
The worst part is picking Emery up at 11 and Ellie not until
11:30, Emery is already reaping that benefit with playing
at the park while killing a few minutes waiting for Ellie.
I don't think she is complaining.
I'm just glad it is only Tues and Thur that are like that.

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