Thursday, September 26, 2013

House hunting in Charlotte

The story is kinda long,
but the short of it is we have been thinking of moving to Charlotte, NC
and on a whim decided to go check out the area to see if it is a real possibility.
We flew into Greenville, SC first to stay with our friends Ben and Diana for
one night before we headed to Charlotte which
it is about an hour and 15 minutes from Greenville.
We sent Ben and Diana a big thumbs up pic sitting in the airport
in Atlanta waiting for our flight to Greenville.
They sent one right back,
I love our friends!
"The Blueberry"
Do you wantch Psych?
This will only be funny if you watch Psych,
but this was our rental car for the weekend.
Our first stop in Greenville was Mac's BBQ.
It was super yummy!
And cute atmosphere too.
Drooling yet?
 I LOVED Greenville,
I could seriously live there.
As we drove through their cute downtown area all the trees
had the cute lights strung in them.
Then they also have an amazing park
 right in the middle of their downtown. 
 Walking over the suspension bridge that is over an amazing waterfall,
right in the park.  Cool right?
 We had the best tour guides in town.
We could have spent forever down here.
That night {after a stop at Trader Joe's}
where we bought way too many treats and goodies,
including these CUTEST mini cones ever,
we stayed up way too late talking, catching up and
laughing our heads off.
The next day I had seen this cemetery as we left the
downtown area, so while Ben saw a patient Jeremy,
Diana, Lauren and I ran back down to that area to check it out.
It was awesome!
You know I love a cool, old, creepy cemetery.
Some of the tombstones where from the 1700's.
Crazy cool. 
Ben graciously was our tour guide in Charlotte on Thursday.
But we couldn't start house shopping without lunch first.
This place was the bomb!
Jeremy's bacon, with a side of cheeseburger was 
called the cheeseburger on steroids,
and mine had pesto on it.
So if you are in Charlotte hit up Bad Daddy's Burger 
for some killer eats.
One of the model homes we fell in love with.
The whole house was amazing.
Can I just move in now?

The summary of our trip was highs and lows.
But the end result is we loved Charlotte and would
move this month if Jeremy wants to commute to Houston. 
 So there is lots to think about.
Thursday we saw so much stuff and so many places my head hurt.
It was so much to take in.
Neighborhoods we wanted to check out were disappointing, 
and others we didn't plan on seeing were amazing.
Ben was the best tour guide and knew his way around everywhere.
Friday we slept in a bit and when to a shopping area that I need to live 
right next to.  Seriously.  It had every store you would EVER want,
and probably more.  We found an area close that we loved,
it was with the home builder we initially went out to see,
the neighborhood was nice, cute area, weird to say but
crazy huge, nice grocery store and 3 miles from the shopping area I fell in love with.
But then we drove by the school,
big letdown.  Once again highs and lows.  So disappointing.
We went to another area and fell in love with in immediately.
We stopped on a whim to a different home builder, and fell in love with them.
The model home was amazing, the area was new, also a new school.
So a big thumbs up.  We just wish we had more time to explore it.
So it may call for a trip back out.
Maybe take the girls next time, because Ellie wants a new house
but "doesn't want to move to a different world"
lol, so we will try to accommodate that.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Emery's first day of preschool

 Emery's big day finally came!
Her very first day of preschool.
She was so excited to be a big girl too,
take her backpack and actually go to school.
Off to Little Wizard's Preschool
 My baby girl looked so cute that morning. 
 How did this happen?
Both girls big enough to be in school.
 After we dropped off Ellie to Kindergarten
we took Emery to her school.
Her hanging up her tiny backpack.
Mrs. Amber showing Emery her first project.
She loved her first day,
she couldn't stop talking about it.

There were no tears dropping Emery off, on her or my part.
She was just so dang excited.  But she did look teeny tiny
getting dropped off.  I cannot believe both my baby girls are in school now. 
 Elliette was so excited for Emery that morning, it was so cute.
After dropping them off I had 2 hours to myself,
it was blissful! haha
I had a "mommy moment" by myself went and got a
iced hot chocolate and probably did cartwheels down the aisles 
of a store or two.  I missed them like crazy and came
home and watched the clock until it was time to get them,
but for those two hours it was pretty nice.
Emery goes Tues and Thur from 9-11,
and Ellie every day from 8:40-11:25.  So to say we 
are running like crazy this year is an understatement.
The worst part is picking Emery up at 11 and Ellie not until
11:30, Emery is already reaping that benefit with playing
at the park while killing a few minutes waiting for Ellie.
I don't think she is complaining.
I'm just glad it is only Tues and Thur that are like that.