Saturday, August 31, 2013

Team Unicorn's first soccer game.

 Team Unicorns!
Ellie's first year playing soccer and her very first game.
 This was their first game after only 2 practices.
The girls did great, especially for some of them not
knowing anything that was going on.
 Ellie's cheer squad and biggest fan!
 It must be in her blood, Jeremy's whole family
played soccer, Ellie is aggressive and quite the good player so far.
 She played goalie for the last part of the game.
The cutest little soccer player I've ever seen!

The score was 0-0, but all the girls played great 
and looked like a good little team.
Jeremy and I are both surprised to see Ellie
dribbling so good, keeping right up
with everyone, and actually being aggressive.
Jeremy went and practiced with her a few times,
it must have helped.  Maybe this will be her sport.
Oh it would make her Daddy so proud.
Ellie told me, "Mom you run a lot in soccer"
haha, yes you do sweetie.
She especially loved that you get treats and a 
drink at the end.

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