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Jackson Hole/Yellowstone 2013

Road trip!!!
We packed up the car with snacks,
treats and a bag of road trip surprises to keep
little ones entertained on the way to Yellowstone.
We didn't even make it to the point of the mountain
before I had to dig out surprises.
Ellie's sad face because the trip is taking sooooo long!
(only 2 hours into it)
P.S. The white boards were a hit, for drawing,
tic-tac-toe, hang-man, and even sad faces.
($2 Walmart) 
 Road trip food!
We had two cars of us, so we traded off riders often.
Idaho Falls, ID.
We found the cutest zen garden right in the middle
of the city when we stopped for lunch.
We all loved it!
We need a zen garden here where we live.
Kids loved exploring, 
and everyone needed to get out and stretch.
So tranquil.
for getting out of the car.
We made it to Jackson Hole, WY.
First things first,
We found $10 sweatshirts!
Cowboy/Wyoming pride
Bears in all the stores.
Antler Arch in the town square
of Jackson Hole.
We took like 100 pictures here,
it felt like it anyways.
After dinner Jeremy took the girls to the room
and we got to explore the town at night.
Famous Cowboy bar.
Goodbye Antler Motel!
Yup Motel, lol.
But it was a great location,
and our cabin made up for our motel stay.
Thursday heading out of Jackson Hole into
The Grand Teton National Forest.
Tetons in the background.
So beautiful.
They kept getting grander and bigger as we got into the park.
Our first stop in the Tetons was Jenny Lake.
A local had told us to take the ferry across and do the quick hike.
Glad we knew, the ferry ride wasn't big and advertised
until you went down to catch it.
Ellie told me the ferry ride was her favorite part.
Amazing views all around.
We were warned!
Feed no animals!
Jenny Lake.
The most crystal clear and pretty green water
I have ever seen.
Our hike at Jenny Lake.
Hidden Falls.
It is about a 1/2 mile hike up to Hidden Falls.
So pretty.
Did you know Jeremy is related to Lewis
of Lewis and Falls.
He always calls him
"Uncle Meriwether"
Lewis Falls were 30 feet falls.
Not the tallest we saw, but so pretty and love that they were so wide.
Lewis Falls, Yellowstone National Park
We stopped at Old Faithful on our way to
our cabin.  While waiting for it to go off Jeremy, the girls
and I walked around the boardwalk and explored.
Right down from Old Faithful were neat craters.
Old Faithful.
(Jeremy says Bellagio is better, haha,
maybe he needs it set to music)
Ellie's first time seeing Old Faithful go off.
 Driving to West Yellowstone we saw these two bison
in the distance.  We jumped out of the car immediately.
So magical seeing them in the wild.
Right down the road were a bunch of cars stopping 
again (note* if you see lots of cars stopped in
Yellowstone, it means animal sightings)
There were a whole herd of elk in the brush.

Finally we made it to the cabin!
We went through the Tetons,
saw Jenny Lake, came up the bottom of Yellowstone,
saw Lewis Falls, Old Faithful, 2 bison and elk!
What a first day!
If you are coming to West Yellowstone hit me up 
for our cabin/townhouse details.
This place was the bomb!
Exploring the place.
It had a huge master and two other bedrooms.
Awesome front room with massive TV, a fireplace
and the most comfy couches.
The perfect way to relax after riding all day.
We didn't have that hotel feel.
Felt like home.
Friday was day two in the park.
Our first stop on our new route was Gibbon Falls.
River leading from Gibbon Falls.
It's so pretty to turn the corner and see
the incredible falls.
Ellie and Aunt Kat.
This was our coldest day, it rained a bit.
But didn't last all day.
The girls loved walking the rocks as much as
the falls.
(these girls were such troopers! lots of car
riding, in and out of the car, and they did awesome}
Mountain girl!
Just looking like a model in the woods.
Do NOT get off the path!
{I did touch the water, yup it's hot}
Artists paint pots.
Extra steamy and very Vampire Diaries feeling.
Can you tell they were steamy?
Look at the humidity setting in on my hair.
They look like they are in a Christmas tree forest
looking to cut down their own tree.
Cool rocks on the way to Mammoth Hot Springs.
At Mammoth Hot Springs.
Not my favorite thing we saw, but you have to stop.
Cutest picnic stop ever!
Right after Mammoth Hot Springs heading East this is the
first picnic area and it is just darling.
Right by a river and was our favorite spot.
Our lunches were quite the big deal.
We all had been joking about our Indian names.
We had Restless Rider #1
Restless Rider #2
(the two small ones)
We think our packed meals were our best.
We made yummy chicken salad sandwiches and lots of sides.
"Chief Worrysome"
The girls fed like 100 of the chipmunks here.
That was their favorite part.
Packing out our lunches.
"pack it in, pack it out"
See our perfect river setting for our picnic.
Next stop was Tower Falls
for a huge waterfall and ice cream.
{we didn't stop at petrified tree, which 
was along our path.  Later we ran into some
people that said that is where they saw 2 moose.
So just sayin ya may want to stop}
Lower Falls.
The highlight of the trip for everyone.
They call this area 
"The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone"
you can see why.
Lower Falls.
So incredible.
You can't even describe how huge it is.
We took the hike down, it's steep going down.
This is the huge, wide river leading to the falls.
 I especially loved the wide roaring river.
Ellie kept talking about the waterfall that was green.
You can see in the picture that parts of the water coming down
the falls were green.  Like someone poured food coloring on it.
White water rapids?
 Lower Falls, Yellowstone 2013
The two "G's" taking it all in.
Group shot
Some of us missed the jumping memo.
Saturday was our third day in the park.
We first came to Fountain Paint Pots.
You can see the incredible blue water from the road.
Next was Lower Geyser Basin.
Have you ever seen that color yellow in nature?
The whole group.
Who wants to jump in?
I did, so not fair to have water that blue that you can't get in.
This was before both girls got slivers in both their hands.
Can we say fun times.
The only bears we saw in the park.
We were hoping to spot some, but no such luck.
Old Faithful for the 2nd time.
Mama Jo was in awe of all the natural wonders.
We passed over the Continental Divide 3 times.
We took a small route off the main road
{firehole north}
and saw some awesome things.
White Dome Geyser.
We timed it perfect to see it go off.
"Jer do something geyser-ish"
this is what I get, haha.
Again had PERFECT timing to see this guy
just roaming the range.
Then once again saw some elk.
We couldn't go to Yellowstone and not get in the water.
The water right here wasn't even cold.
Probably at parts in the park, but it was perfect.
Goodbye Yellowstone!
You have been majestic, incredible and we can't wait to come again.

Goodbye White Heron cabin rental.
You were perfect also!
Why hello there Mr. Moose!
Okay, okay so we didn't see moose or bear in the park,
so we can to pay to see them.
But, we could not have gotten so up close.
At Bear World, Idaho.
Petting a little deer.
Its horns were soooo soft!
This place had everything.

We could have watched the cubs play all day!
We saw so many bears,
honestly they were everywhere we turned.
There were some so close we could have touched them.
So even though it wasn't in Yellowstone,
we were just as excited, maybe even more to be this close
to lots and lots of bears.
A must do!

This trip was 100% Jeremy's idea.
I am so glad he thought about going.
His Mom flew our from Florida to come along,
and my Mom and Katelyn came too.
We had quite the fun crew.
Yellowstone was incredible!
I can't believe all the wonders in nature we saw.
One regret was not see the Midway Geyser
with the Grand Prismatic Pool.
It was open our first day, but we had not even gotten to
the cabin yet, so we decided to see it another day, then
when we made it back for some odd reason it was closed.
Next time we won't miss it.
We saw lots, laughed lots and packed in some yummy lunches.
I think a picnic in Yellowstone is a must.
The girls were such fun ages to take,
they didn't look bored out of they minds like some teenagers
we saw with their parents.
They loved everything we saw, and especially loved playing back at the
cabin and eating on our deck.
We will never forget our trip!

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