Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ellie's first day of Kindergarten

 August 29th 2013.
Elliette's first day of Kindergarten finally came!
She could hardly wait.
  Jeremy was actually home so we both got to take her to school
on her very first day.
 She let me take a few pictures,
but she really just wanted to get to school.

 Walking down the hall.
Such a big girl.
  I was choking back tears walking her down.
  Her teacher Mrs. Hales showing her where her
cubby was.  Then she got a name tag and learned where 
her table was.
{she is blue table and blue square on the floor}
Happy first day Elliette Avarie!
And yes I cried the second I left her and walked down the
hallway.  She was super excited and not scared at all,
so that helped.  But so hard dropping off my baby
for the start of her school career.
So much change, and such a milestone. 

It almost doesn't seem real that Ellie is really in school.
We talked about it all Summer, got her a new backpack,
went school clothes shopping, and still when the morning came
it didn't seem like we were going to actually drop her off.
I am glad that Ellie was excited, it helped dropping her off.
No clinging, or crying and even scared looks like
don't leave me here.
My baby is growing up!
I am not sure if she allowed to get any bigger,
but I am glad she loved her class, teacher and all their
first day activities.

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