Sunday, August 25, 2013

My babies are off to school

 My babies are off to school!
Elliette is off to Kindergarten,
and Emery her first year of Preschool.
 Not sure how it is possible to have them both in school.
I swear we just brought them home from the hospital.

 Miss Emery is so excited for school.
It is finally her turn to go this year.

  She can't wait to be a big girl too and
finally start school like big sister.
 I think we will be doing lots of this this year.
Hope they both study hard, learn lots,
meet new friends and love their classes.
 Elliette couldn't be more excited to start Kindergarten.
She will be in Mrs. Hales class this year.
I hope I can keep it together dropping her off for her first day.

  I hope the fact that she is super excited will help me 
let my sweet, timid, tender-hearted baby go to school
for what will be the start of her whole school career.
 School year 2013-2014
 Elliette Avarie 5 years old.
 This shows how excited these two are.
 Riverview Elementary 
Here she comes!

My girls can't wait for school to start,
I think Ellie asks me every day when does her school start.
Emery keeps telling me she is going to Ellie's
teacher.  She will be in the same preschool Ellie went to
for two years.  She also told me today,
"Mom we be full, but when we be hungry
teacher give us snack"
I think she is excited to play and have snack time.
We went to Ellie's open house to learn where her
class was, and meet her teacher,  She was a little intimidated
and quiet, but left excited.  She seemed like such 
a small fish in a big pond in that big school.  
These two just better quit growing up so fast 
because their Mama's heart can't handle it.

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