Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quick trip to Florida

 Emery pulling her big girl suitcase that she got
for her birthday.
She thought she was so big at the airport.
 We made it to Florida.
Only had to fly SLC to Denver,
Denver to Memphis,
and Memphis to Tampa.
 The next day after we got there Linda gave us a
Starbucks gift card, we made it a date while going
to pick up pizza for lunch.
Cake pops, and Starbucks, with no kids
sounds like a date to me.
I honestly came around the corner to see this.
I told all the kids it was teeth time.
They were in line "Duggar Style"
 Lunch at Island Outpost
{not as good as last time we ate here}
 Ellie, Shaelyn and Emery.
 We did not pick a good beach day.
It was overcast and started to storm.
So from lunch we just went to the causeway.
Kids got to dig for a minute before the weather forced us
to leave. 
 Catching us with "the kids"
 Joelle, Brinna and Me.
I was really hoping to come home with a tan.
No such luck.
 Kids had fun though.
 Basically the reason we came was for Chuck's 
birthday bash.
{Jeremy's friend}
On Friday night they had a family night at Chuck's 
house with food and swimming.
 Jeremy got in with all the kids for some night swimming.
The day we went to the causeway we were going
to go to Clearwater Beach, but due to weather stayed 
closer.  So Saturday we got to see the beach,
unfortunately not for tanning or swimming,
this is where all Jeremy's friends were for the adult
part of the Birthday Bash. 
  At least we got to see the beach at all.
 We hopped around to a few spots,
but landed at this rooftop area with ocean views and
a nice breeze.
It was beautiful.
 So glad some of the kids came out with us.
We don't get to see everyone that often.
 From the rooftop we got to see the sun setting.  
It was so pretty.
 On the way down we got a "suitcase situation".
Ellie was sad her suitcase was smaller than Emery's.
So guess what was one of our very first stops?
Yup Target to get Ellie a new one.
No fighting over one rolling suitcase.
Worth every penny.
I do have to say they are the BEST little
travelers though.
Three legs down to Florida,
two coming home and leaving to the airport from
Florida at 5:20 am.
They are good little troopers and love to
go visit Grandma Linda.

Jeremy mentioned going to Florida for Chuck's birthday party,
Hmmm, Florida in hot-icky-humid July,
didn't sound real fun. But we actually lucked out with weather,
it was kinda rainy and overcast for part of the time so we
lucked out that way.  We flew down Wed and left early Sunday.
We always leave early they are the only flights that are open.
We had lots of fun with Jeremy's family, and the girls
loved playing with their cousins Braden and Shaelyn.
Now Grandma gets to come in a few short weeks so we can all
go to Yellowstone.
We can't wait!

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