Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day 2013

For the first time in a long time Jeremy was actually off on
the 4th of July!
It was an Independence Day miracle!
We loved having him home.
 It was over 100 degrees in Utah on the 4th,
so we had got movie tickets to see Despicable Me 2 
with the Christensens.  We were hiding from the heat, in a dark
air-conditioned movie theater.
It was perfect.
   We did dressed in 4th of July festiveness and snapped a few
pics before the movie.
Assemble the Minions!!
Such a cute show.  Kids loved it.
 After the movie we all went out to lunch and had yummy BBQ,
 that someone else cooked, the best kind right?
Then some shopping for a birthday happening Monday
for a little girl named Elliette.
It was such a long day before fireworks that we got to
BBQ ourselves too.  Complete with
red, white and blue soda.
You can't have the 4th of July and not get a snow cone.
Especially not a red, white and blue one.
We found the BEST place that does the real
cream capped snow cones like in Hawaii.
I have NEVER known my Dad not to order lime.
 After snow cones,
which we flagged down the Christensens for too,
we had all went in on fireworks at the Bills'.
 I was so nervous for the kids and the sparklers.
You know they get as hot as a blow torch?
Well I do, we had these dumb wood ones and a piece
fell between two of my toes and I couldn't get it out of my
sandal.  Hurt like heck!  Still hurts. 
Kids loved them though, and I'd say we put on a good little show.
On July 5th {friday} Kat invited us up to Wes' parents' cabin
and watch the parade in the morning.
We went up the canyon and right as we got to town I was so in love.
I've been before but it's been a long time.
It is an old rundown, cute little town with darling old buildings. 
 This town of like zero population brings in a huge crowd. 
People camp and set up lots of trailers on people's propery there.
Everyone rides their 4-wheelers all over and we were right down
from the park that had vendors and food that we walked down to.
It is such a cute small town feel.
Plus we couldn't get over the Mountain Shirts! haha
Girls got princess wands and were in heaven.
 Ellie was in 4-wheeler heaven.
She didn't want to get off.
In small town parades they even throw hats!
Girls loved the parade and it is like 20 minutes.
Perfect parade time.
The floats are hilarious because it is just whoever wants to be in it.
Good times fore sure.
Scofield had lots going on that day.
Live entertainment, vendors, bouncy houses,
the parade, a dance at night and I think fireworks.

We had a fun, festive 4th.
We thought about taking the boat out, but decided to avoid the chaos
on the lake that day.  The movie was the best decision.  Went to
the first matinee and it was nice and cool inside.
We had BBQ twice, snow cones, and fireworks,
I'd say it was the perfect 4th.
But I have to say I cannot get over how fun going to Scofield was.
The town is full of small cabins and trailers and if they have yards
were FULL of family and friends staying on them in trailers.
It is a town of one gas station and no stop lights.
It's darling.
Old buildings and charm.  Everyone rides 4-wheelers and Razors
down the streets to the town park where all the festivities were happening.
Unfortunately it rained that night so no fire,
but we got up the next morning and went to the city pancake breakfast they
put on in the park.  They everyone goes to the parade.
Thanks Kat and Wes for inviting us!

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