Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Royal Affair- Elliette turns 5

 Ellie's Princess Party Invitation.
She picked the theme this year and was very
involved with the planning.
 She woke up to streamers from her door
on her Birthday which was Sunday.
 Let the princess party begin!
  Our little princess partied in style.
 Waffle bar,

 Lazy Susan with fruit toppings
and cheesecake whipped cream.
 We had lots of toppings to choose from.
Princess Elliette even suggested her favorite waffle creation. 

 Fit for a Princess.
 Lemonade bar with toppings.
 We had regular lemonade and sparkling pink lemonade.
It was yummy with the peach syrup and fresh raspberries in it.

 The crowd.
We ended up with great cooler weather.
While setting up I was sweating my butt off,
so we lucked out.
 Can't believe our Princess is 5!
My husband looking hot in his fedora.
 Now she is not allowed to get any bigger
so her 5th birthday might be her last. 
 We made gumball necklaces.
 Everyone got involved.
Not goona lie, really cute but kinda a pain.
 Thanks to Jess and Krista for helping. 
 Baby Aspyn!
 The enchanted cake.
Fit for a Princess.
 Blew out every single one in one try.
 Sniff Sniff.
Our baby is growing up waaaay too fast.
 My Mom nails the cake every time.
They taste amazing too.
 Pink and purple ombre layers.
 Crew in his gumball necklace.
This picture cracks me up.
 Present from Emery.
 My favorite moment of all night.
Hugs from little sis.
She was so excited for her big sister's big day.
 Peeking from around the present.
 A soccer ball!!!
 Presents from Grandma Linda. 
 "A doll just like me, with brown hair
and blue eyes,"
 The cutest dress-up ever,
a wedding dress with bouquet and veil too.
{even though she is not allowed to date ever}
 Princess and Princes.
 Party favor time.
Nope not fireworks in the sky,
just watching my Dad let off his balloons with notes 
attached to them.
He lets them go every party with a note: if found to call him.
No one has called.  Ever.
So funny.

Ellie waited and waited for her party.
Then waited and waited the whole day for it to be time.
It's tough to be 5.
She wanted a princess party this year,
with pink and purple, her favorite colors.
It's always fun for me to find all the coordinating things.
I think the food is the hardest part to decide on.
The waffle bar was fun, and people always love picking out
what toppings to put on things.  I had to do a trial run to see if
I could make them ahead of time and keep them warm
{you can at 200 degrees on a cookie sheet in the oven}
The lemonade bar was fun and refreshing too.
Elllie loved her party, the kids had fun making the gumball 
necklaces and running around.
I think it was a Royal Affair!
Love you our sweet, timid, loving, caring, fun,
responsible, silly, rule-obeying little princess.

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