Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wizard of Oz party - Emery turns 3!

 Emery's invitation to her Wizard of Oz themed
3rd birthday party.
  From the moment she woke up it was all
about her birthday.  She got to walk through
rainbow streamers.
Then come downstairs to lots of balloons blown up for a game later.
Entrance to the backyard.
Not in Kansas anymore.
 My original plan was to have a table full of these cute striped 
containers lined up in the rainbow full of tortilla chips
to dump into the nacho containers, but due to wind and time
I only put out a few.
 All lined up for the nacho bar.
There's no place like home.
 Nacho bar:
 Nacho cheese, chili, corn and bean salsa,
olives, salsa, green onions, tomatoes, sour cream and jalapenos.

 Help yourself my pretty....

Jalapeno shot cups.
Tortilla and drink table.
The nachos actually tasted really good.
Party food is so hard to  pick what to have or make.
Party peeps.
I have 3 trays of "Emerald City Cakepops"
they were a hit, we didn't have one left over.
The birthday girl enjoying one.
"Over the rainbow" decor everywhere.
Happy Birthday Emery!
Can't believe our baby is 3!
No Place Like Home treat bags for the kids.
And rainbow pinwheels for the kids too.
they said "Thank you  very sweetly"
All of us ready for the party.
I really love planning the parties,
and love when they work out like planned.
Even though it always take more time to setup than you think.
Next time I'll start up a little earlier.
 What would I do without my friends!
Krista was right there to help when I was hurrying
to get everything out, and Jess stopped by to buy
me plates that I forgot for the cake.
Love you both!
Ooooooooh!  Baby Aspyn!
All matching for the party. 
Not even a week old.
Wearing her outfit I bought her for the party.
She was born just in time.
I'm not going to lie, 
I kinda hate games.  But you have to entertain the kids.
We used pool noodles to get balloons into a bucket.
Staring to open presents.
Even Ellie got some too, spoiled girls.
These were the cutest tutus, wings and necklaces
from Pappy Steve and Kevin. 
 Not even kidding Ellie slept with her card that night.
Remember these jelly purses!
So cute from Aunt Katelyn.
 Presents from Grandma Linda
perfectly wrapped to match.
Flamingo romper from Grandma in Florida,
along with her flamingo pjs. 
 More presents from Grandma Linda.
Eme's own rolling suitcase for all her visits to Florida.
She was sooooo excited!
 These girls were so spoiled.
Nanny gave them a present together
a mini trampoline.  That even got setup that same night.
They are in heaven.
 Close your eyes....
a bike from Mom and Dad!
She was wondering what that horn went to. 
 Cake time.
 My Mom always pulls off the neatest, cutest cakes.
 Emery blowing out the candles was hilarious.
I thought she was going to pass out, all the huffing.
 Turning 3 Wizard of Oz style.

  Somewhere over the rainbow cake.
 Emery, Toto and her rainbow cake.
 All the kiddos at the party.
   Happy Birthday Emery.
Remember to Dream Big,
because dreams really do come true!
This guy always helps me set up and doesn't complain
 {well very little}
and after every single party thanks me for planning it
and thanks me for pulling it all off.
We love watching our girls be excited and 
know the day is just about them.

Well another party has come and gone.
We cant' believe our baby girl is 3!
It is going way to fast.
She is our energetic, funny, sassy, stubborn, dancing,
singing, twirling, joyful baby girl.
She brings so much fun and laughter into our home.
She lights up a room and is always the center of
attention with a little song she has made up,
or dancing around.
We love you Emery!

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