Sunday, June 30, 2013

Team Rhino Kickball

 Our little #4 on Team Rhino.
We signed up Elliette for kickball in Springville this year.
As a team they picked the name Team Rhino,
but it was a toss up between Team Whales.
 They had one official practice before their games, 
so can you say chaos?  The kids had no idea what was
going on. But by the end they looked like a real team,
and had so much fun playing.
Ellie's cheerleaders.
 At first Ellie kinda pranced to first base after timidly kicking the ball,
by the end she kicked hard and ran fast.
In fact she may be our little track star, she is a super fast runner.
Those long legs. 
 Eme loved watching big sister.
 On our very last game Coach Nate gave all the kids
their own medal.
 Ellie was in heaven.
She told me,
 "Mom I like the medal best."

Team Rhino had a good kickball season.
This was Ellie's first organized sports that she's done.
Like I said it was kinda chaotic at first, and she was pretty timid.
But they really looked like a real team by the end of the season.
Plus it is just good for her to be on a team, learn to interact with 
other kids, and just be active.
It's hard when you are a shy kid.
She loved that her coach called her fast, and he told her when
he gave her her medal to keep being fast.
Now she is super excited for soccer in the Fall.

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