Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day BBQ

Our chalkboard collage pic we did for Daddy as a surprise.
Jeremy had no idea we had done it and he loved it,
said it was his favorite gift.
I wanted a real response from the girls
on why they loved Daddy.
I asked Ellie "why do you love Daddy"
and she said
"well he plays with me, he dances with me."
"Mom..he's a REALLY good dancer.  He twirls me and spins me"
 Then I asked Emery and she said,
"I like my Mommy"
it was so funny!  We talked about the park and library and
she agreed he does all those things with her.
 We had for little family bbq on Saturday 
since Jeremy was flying on Sunday.
 Upcycled the tablecloths from Eme's party.
 My sister Jill with baby Aspyn.
Everyone listening to one of Jim's stories.
{probably talking about a new pair of shoes}
 So lucky this guy is the daddy to our little girls.
Hands down the best Dad in the whole world.
 This does not even reflect all the food we had.
Always way too much.
 The girls surprising Jeremy with his picture.
These girls love their Daddy. 
 Jim take off the Snuggie! haha
My Dad is ALWAYS cold. 
Honestly it was 88 degrees that day.
 Happy Father's Day Jer!
Love you more than you will ever know.
 Our whole group.
Kids jumping in their new tramp.
Endless entertainment.

I was so excited to give Jeremy his picture,
and even more surprised that the girls kept it a secret.
The girls were so cute giving it to him.
We are so lucky to have him,
he plays endless hours with the girls, reads them stories,
takes them to the park {even when he is the only man there with kids},
is patient, kind, loving, funny, nurturing, and a fun Dad,
 he is not intimidated to do their hair, he kisses their boo-boo's away,
dances with them, and tucks them in at night. 
 He has always been a very hands on Dad,
 and I can't express how much I love him.
I'm thankful he had such great examples growing up,
and is instilling those great qualities he learned in our girls too.

It was fun to celebrate some of the men in our lives
at a little Father's Day BBQ.
And glad Jeremy was here to be part of it.
Happy Father's Day to all!

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