Saturday, June 22, 2013

Art City Days 2013

I kinda missed blogging about our Art City Days festivities.
They were the same week as Eme's birthday party.
We took the girls to the carnival on opening night.
It was super crowded the night we went,
but the girls still got to ride several rides.
 Saturday was the annual parade in Springville.
The girls were super psyched to go get candy
and see the princesses on the floats.
 We had a little surprise for Ellie that morning.
We decided to give her her birthday present early, a new bike,
 so that she can start riding it, and her and Eme can ride together.
 She was so excited.
She wanted to ride it immediately, but we didn't have time. 
 Art City Days Parade 2013
 By far our favorite float all day.
It was for Wiggy Wash and filled the street with bubbles.
Kids absolutely loved it.
We always sit in front of my parents' store and 
have a huge crowd.
 Brookside gives out lots of balloons....
we lose lots of balloons.
Later that night we went with the Bills' and Christensens
to the Arts Park and watch a Beatles cover band.
They were entertaining and it was fun to take
dinner into the park and sit on blankets listening to the band.
 When it was starting to get dark Krista and Jess had brought
all the kids glowsticks.
  Even Jim-Jim came down.
Such a fun night.
Immediately after the concert
the fireworks started.
Marking the start of Summer.

Art City Days is the beginning of Summer for me.
We go every year, sit in the same spot, 
the kids get TONS of candy and then we usually BBQ
before the fireworks.
This year we decided to actually go down to the Arts Park
to watch the fireworks and listen to the Beatles cover band.
It was a perfect Summer night and the kids loved it.

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