Saturday, June 22, 2013

10 year anniversary

 Yup that's us 10 years ago.
Before we had babies.
I can't believe 10 years already.
And us now 10 years later.
Still in love, still crazy about each other.
 We broke out the old VHS tape of our wedding video
montage for the girls to watch, yes I said VHS.
They loved it and wanted to watch it over and over.
 My hot date in a hot car
{thx Mom for the wheels}
We took my Mom's car up to Park City to celebrate.
 We ate at the Edge Steakhouse in Park City.
The ambiance is so trendy.
I love it.
Did I mention my sister Sid is Sous Chef?
She just got the title,
we couldn't be more proud!
Did I also mention it just won Best of State and
is #1 restaurant in all of Park City on Tripadvisor.
find it here.
 Best food we have ever had!  EVER.
This steak, The Delmonico Steak
deserves its own photo.  By far the best steak
we have ever eaten. 

 We couldn't have picked a better place.
If you are in Park City go check them out,
you won't regret it.
 Darling outdoor patio seating.
 This guy will always be my Superhero. 
Couldn't love him more.

I hit the husband lottery when I married Jeremy.
Like with my kids I wish I could slow time down.
It's hard to swallow that 10 years has gone already.
And even after 10 years we want to spend every second together,
we make each other laugh and are best friends.
The night was perfect,
Here is to many more decades together. 

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