Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last day of preschool for Ellie

My BABY has just finished her very last day of preschool.
She went to 2 years of preschool and
 starts Kindergarten next Fall.
  How did she grow up so fast!?!?
This was her very first year of preschool
First and last day photo.
 First day of preschool this school year
And her last day of preschool....EVER!
Jeremy and I couldn't be more proud of her.
She really enjoyed school and has really come
out of her shell.  It's hard being a little shy and timid.
This year she actually sang every song and
performed so well with her class.

Ellie woke up on Monday early...really early so excited
for her program.  I kept calling it her performance,
she was like "Mom, it's not a performance, it's a program"
and she kept asking Eme "you excited to see your
big sister?" it was very cute.
I love seeing Ellie change from the first day to the last
you can see her lose her "babyness"
in her face.  You don't notice it when you are 
with them every day, but when you see it in photos
you can tell.
2013 school year.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Go fly a kite

 This was a few weeks ago.
The girls got kites for Easter and we went to
the park on a windy day to let them fly them.
The girls got them right up.
This was Emery's first time and she caught right on.
 Ellie was a little pro.
 Emery running with her kite.

We are loving that the weather has been so nice lately.
The girls want to be out side constantly. 
They want to be riding their bikes, playing with
their sand and water table and running in the yard.
I see lots of splash pad days in our
near future.  We have already hit the snow cone
shack once this week.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Playa Del Carmen

 Checking into the Grand Sunset Princess
for 6 days of relaxation, sun and resort life.
 Champagne and cold towels at check in.
Spoiled from the second you get there.
This was our 2nd time at this resort,
we loved it so much we came back again.
 The resort is beautiful.
Grounds kept immaculately. 
 One reason we picked this resort
was for the modern rooms.
 We checked out the room and hit
up some lunch before the pool.
 We scored a cabana the first day.
{last trip I wanted one the whole time and never got one}
We lounged poolside then hit dinner.
 Here to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.
 Dinner our first night.
 Day 2.
We paid to stay in the Chill Out Lounge all day.
It is more private and great drink service.
  The ocean!
I even got a massage on the beach in a little cabana,
it was heavenly.
 Can't believe I got to marry the man of my dreams,
and that after 10 years we are still madly in love.
Jeremy was getting settled in to just lounge all day,
order drinks and read his book.
 Pretty sure Jeremy needs a fedora too.
 We only left here to get in the water and
go get lunch.  
The ultimate relaxation day.
 Time to leave this little spot in paradise to
go get ready for dinner reservations.
 Jeremy standing by the center court in the Platinum rooms.
Then us in the Platinum Lounge before dinner at
the tepanyaki show at Miso Grill. 
 Day 3.
We took the shuttle service through the resort to 5th Avenue
for some shopping in Playa Del Carmen. 
 I asked if I could buy these, or if they sold them.
The kid told me Walmart.
Are you kidding me Walmart!  I needed to hit up Walmart,
but never got to.
 The shop we did most of our shopping in.
5th Avenue.
 After dinner at La Fleur.
 Room # 4012
secluded and private, just like our room last time.
 The Platinum Pool is isolated so that only people staying 
in this area can come in.
It stays very quiet and relaxing.
There are PLENTY of pools all over the resort with lots
of people, and swim-up bars, etc.
But for a quiet this is the spot.
 We actually got a cabana almost every day we
were there.  They are so relaxing.
 Day 4.
We split our day between the cabana/pool
and the beach.
 Funniest thing ever!
I thought this was an adult sized float/raft
I don't even think my girls would fit on it.
Not a life saving devise!
 Snacks from the Platinum Lounge.
We laid out, snacked and went to lunch.
Basically relaxed and ate the whole time.
 Pathway from the resort to the beach.
 Dinner at Las Olas
{seafood restaurant} 
 We actually look like we lost some of
our "Utah white-ness"
Laying in the sun for 5 days will do that.
 After dinner.
There was always something in the main courtyard,
a band or show.  And since the weather was SOOOO much
nicer than last time we could actually sit outside and enjoy it.
 Day 5.
Our very last day.  We left about 10 am the next morning.
We tried to soak up every ounce of sun we could
{probably my favorite picture we took}
 10 Years!
What a way to celebrate.
 Here's to another 10!
 On our way to dinner.
 Dinner at La Fondue.
Last time we didn't get to eat here,
so we were excited we got to try it.
 Last dinner at the resort.
 Sad to be leaving, but excited to see our babies
that we were missing like crazy.
Good-bye room 4012
until next time.

We enjoyed the most relaxing trip back to Playa Del Carmen
Mexico to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.
Our anniversary is in June, but we wanted to beat the heat,
and we couldn't have asked for better weather.
Last time we went was in June and it was so miserably
hot and humid, this time in Mid-April it was cooler in the mornings, 
a nice breeze, and actually cooled down in the evenings.
Which made it enjoyable when going to dinners.
We looked into going to a different resort, I looked at TONS,
but we stuck with the same one,  it really is a beautiful
resort, so well maintained, friendly staff and being in the Platinum
section you are extra spoiled.
It also helped staying here before we knew what to expect,
plus some of the tricks to make it even more enjoyable.
It was the perfect vacation.