Sunday, April 7, 2013

Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

 After church my family came over for ham, cheesy potatoes and
deviled eggs.  The traditional Easter dinner.

 Dad, Me, Katelyn, Mom and Nick 
 We also celebrated Jeremy's bday, 
just a few days early.  He turned 34 on Thurs. 
 Later that night we did our glow stick Easter egg hunt.
I found these clear ones at Walmart this year and they were
perfect!  You just use glow stick bracelets inside the eggs.
 Not goona lie, they are kinda a pain to get to stay in the eggs.
I tied in a knot, then twisted around.
But they looked so cool, and were so bright.
 Chomping at the bit to go outside!
 The yard was covered with glowing eggs.
It looks so cool, and the kids go wild over them.
Getting the eggs to show up on camera at
night it really hard.  So with the flash on
you don't see the glowing, but you see Eme
finding some eggs.
I'll have to research next year on how to get 
the best pics.  But seriously the girls loved it
soooo much!

This was our 2nd time doing the glow-in-the-dark
egg hunt.  I think we will always do it this way.
It is fun for all. 
 We hid them outside, then the girls
hid them for us inside and we turned out the lights.
The best part was Ellie directing and giving hints
to where the eggs were, like we couldn't see them
glowing all over the house.

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