Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dying Easter eggs

 The great Easter egg dying of 2013.
I think I get more excited than the kids.
 Dying eggs is stinky! 
Look at all those eggs just begging for color.
Aunt Kat helping Elliette with her first egg.
 We get real creative...and competitive!
We get more and more creative as the eggs start dunking.
 We were an egg dying party of 5 this year.
 Ellie took it very serious,
choosing all her favorite colors.
 Helping Eme dye her eggs.
She like the "plop the egg in the cup and make a huge
splash method"
 Our double dipped eggs.
 Using an egg holder to dye both sides in
different colors.
 Eme with her egg that even had her name on it.
 Eme with her finished eggs.
I think she put a sticker on EVERY single one.
Ellie and her finished eggs.
Believe me she knew exactly which ones 
were hers and which were not.

On Saturday we dyed eggs at our house.
I thought it was just going to be me and the girls,
but Katelyn ended up being home and Nanny
 came over too. The girls loved it,
 probably as much as we did.
I seriously love dying eggs.  I love making designs
with the wax crayon and picking being creative with
the colors.  It was a successful dye fest this year.

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