Monday, April 8, 2013

Seattle with the Wendlands

 Our first stop Roozen Gaarde Gardens.
We landed in Seattle on Wed pretty early in the morning,
met up with the Wendlands and Judy B, at her house
and took off to see the tulips. 
 Absolutely stunning.
Wed was going to be the best day weather wise,
and it was gorgeous, perfect weather.
 It is hard to believe that not everything had bloomed yet.
There was so much color 
 Judy B!
Our Tulip tour guide.  She is such a crack-up,
and was so much fun to be with.
 Captured one kid long enough to take a picture with Mom.
The kids were loving running through all the flowers.
Tulip touring party of 8.
Bob and Donna had been on a two week vacation
that started in San Fran and went all the way up the coast,
ending in Seattle.  We were happy to invade their vacay :) 
 So happy to all see each other.
Croix, Elliette, Emery and Cooper.
 The daffodils were stunning.
{no flowers were harmed for this picture}
 Kids running through the daffodil fields
 Love these two so much!
Always a good laugh when we are all together.
 See, always cracking up.
If you could only hear all the conversation behind each pic.

 Stunning couple and stunning tulips.
 In the heart of tulip country.
  These two!
They were hand-in-hand the whole trip.
 Eme by her matching tulips,
yellow with pink tips.
 Just driving by.
Fields and Fields of daffodils.
 Day 2.
Pike's Place Market
{our rainiest day}
 Visiting Pike's on Jeremy's Birthday
{34 today}
 Wendlands, April 2013
 The lucky pig.
 Hope we brought some good luck home with us.
 Exploring the market, and fresh flower shops.
 Eme kept saying "it stinky" 
 So sweet.
Hand-in-hand on the streets of Seattle.
 Lunch at Ivar's on the wharf.
The sign said "Keep Clam"
 Seattle Wharf, April 2013
{Wendland Family}
 Seattle Wharf, April 2013
{Bogard Family}
 The Space Needle.
And yes you are seeing the cutest umbrella ever!
Early bday gift from B&D to me. 
Our Space Needle official photo.
Did I mention it rained all day?
My hair was out of control.
 Seeing as far as they could through the fog.

 Top of the Space Needle.
 We ended the day at the Museum of Flight.
{if you go on the first Thur of every month
it is free from 5-9 pm}
 You turn the corner and see all the planes hanging from the
ceiling, simply amazing.
 I can't think of a better way to end the day for
this Birthday boy,  than at the Flight Museum.
Happy Birthday Jeremy!
Letting the kids sit in both fighter planes.
 Ready to fly.
 Day 3.
Ferry to Whidbey Island.
 Kiddos loving being on the ferry.
 Coupeville Pier.
Donna and Croix.
We ate lunch here on the pier. 
 Croix being all GQ.
 I absolutely loved this old wooden
building right on the waterfront.
 Donna looking so coastal.
 Ellie posing.
 I am so glad that Donna has the same love for old
green wood and rusty nails as I do for photos.
 Whoa!! That's a big tree.
The entrance of the path to Deception Pass Bridge.
 The water, coastline and view was beautiful.
 Above the beach at Deception Pass.
 We didn't make it far on the bridge.
Cars whizzing by fast with a thin metal rope between
you was too scary with kids.
 The bridge is ginormous.
 Love this photo of Cooper.
We threw lots of rocks in the river.
 We must be hilarious.
 Look how excited Eme is.
I wanted to see driftwood, and we saw lots.
 Huge root on the beach.

We knew we wanted to meet the Wendlands
somewhere along their 2 week trip.
Jeremy and I really wanted to meet them in the
Redwoods, but his schedule worked out to meet
them in Seattle.  I am really glad we met them there,
and it fell on Jeremy's Birthday which was fun.
We always have fun when all together,
it doesn't matter where we are.
So thanks for letting us invade your family vacation!
Ellie is already planning for "the boys" to come to
her house.
For the most part we had great weather, although
it rained ALL day on Thur.  We were really lucky.
This was our first time at the Tulip festival and it was
beautiful, I have always wanted to go.
All the places we visited were fun and kids had
so much fun together.