Friday, March 8, 2013

Emery's first haircut

 Before Eme's very first haircut.
Her hair has gotten so long all the sudden.
She was all excited all morning about her haircut...
until we got there.  Tears and clinging.
But then Treece whipped out her phone with a fun
fish game.  Spoiled kids these days.
 Playing the fish game.
Treece to the rescue. 
 Sniff, sniff.
Her baby blonde locks on the floor.
 The after.
She looks more grown up,
my little girl.

Ellie was jealous and sad it wasn't her turn to get a haircut,
so she got a baby trim too.
Her hair is so long she had to stand.
If I could have half the hair she has,
it is so thick and pretty.

Eme has been needing a haircut for a little while now,
we finally got in to see Treece and she
was so good with her, Emery was scared and
clinging to me, even after watching Elliette.
But nothing technology couldn't fix.
Miss Sassy Pants now looks sassier in her shorter hair.

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