Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ellie's un-birthday treats

 Since Ellie's is in the Summer she got to take
treats to preschool for her un-birthday}
 We took mini icecreams and cakepops.

 She was very excited to take them to her class.
 She got to wear a crown for her special day
and pass her treats out to her friends in her class.
Ellie's class. 

Not having your birthday during the school year is not fun
{but at least you get to have warm birthday parties in the Summer}
Elliette had lots of fun taking treats and being the special birthday
girl for the day.  And believe me she is already on the countdown 
for her real birthday, it cannot come fast enough.
She wants a princess party this year.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Emery's first haircut

 Before Eme's very first haircut.
Her hair has gotten so long all the sudden.
She was all excited all morning about her haircut...
until we got there.  Tears and clinging.
But then Treece whipped out her phone with a fun
fish game.  Spoiled kids these days.
 Playing the fish game.
Treece to the rescue. 
 Sniff, sniff.
Her baby blonde locks on the floor.
 The after.
She looks more grown up,
my little girl.

Ellie was jealous and sad it wasn't her turn to get a haircut,
so she got a baby trim too.
Her hair is so long she had to stand.
If I could have half the hair she has,
it is so thick and pretty.

Eme has been needing a haircut for a little while now,
we finally got in to see Treece and she
was so good with her, Emery was scared and
clinging to me, even after watching Elliette.
But nothing technology couldn't fix.
Miss Sassy Pants now looks sassier in her shorter hair.

Friday, March 1, 2013

New Orleans {NOLA}

 Okay it is more like our cemetery visit
 than our quick trip to New Orleans Louisiana
{This is in the Cypress Grove Cemetery}
 We got dropped off right by the coolest cemeteries I have ever seen!
When we went last time we missed going to them because they
close them at 4pm.  But this time we got to walk trough
2 HUGE above ground cemeteries.  
Can you believe that is a tomb behind me?
Looks like a church steeple.
 This was in the first smaller cemetery we went to.
You could tell it was older.  More ornate and more crumbly tombs.
 Each one was so different.
So unique.
  You walk through it, but there are named streets with
street signs in the cemetery.  Weird right?
{Greenwood Cemetery}
This is my favorite pic of the whole day. 
Not sure why, just all of these ornate ones lined up endlessly by each other.
This is in the 2nd cemetery we went to.
These are the cemeteries at the top of Canal Street. 

 You can't even take it all in.
Rows and rows and rows of endless tombs and grave sites.
 The more worn and dilapidated the more I liked them.
They dated back into the 1800's.
Next we took the red cable car into the French Quarter.
The cable cars are picked up right in the area of the cemeteries,
which makes them easy to visit.  Then the cable cars are
fun to ride and see part of the city.
At Central Grocery.
 I had found a few places I wanted to try to eat at.,
some had huge lines, this place also had a line, which is
good right?  But the line was super fast.  It is famous for
the muffuletta sandwiches.
Actually that is all they serve.  You get to choose a half
or a full.  We decided to share a full and couldn't even
finish it all, they are ginormous!
Jeremy happy that we finally got lunch.
And yes, it was delicious
and absolutely huge.
I love walking around The French Quarter area
and seeing all the buildings.
Loved the aqua shutters.

Last time Jeremy had this same trip when I went with him, coming in
on Friday and leaving early Sunday.  It is rare not to have to fly anywhere
on the day in between. It was fun to get dinner and relax in the hotel.
Last trip we did taxis on Friday night and again on Saturday, 
and they are expensive!  This time we rode the city bus that picked up
right by the hotel, was a straight shot to the top of the cemeteries,
then you ride the trolley to the French Quarter.
It was easy, cheap and we actually got to see lots.  It only took
about 30 minutes by bus, not bad, we thought it would take longer.
I cannot even tell you how cool the cemeteries were.
I know morbid and weird, but really they are ornate
and historic and one of the neatest things I have even seen.
Actually I want to see them every time I go, which I hope is again
some time. {even though I didn't get home on Sunday like planned
and had to overnight by myself, but we won't talk about that}
The joys of flying standby.
But I'd say it was still worth it.

Wanna see more about the cemeteries
visit here