Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines treats

~Valentines 2013~
I had to work, so I left Jeremy and the girls their
little treats downstairs on the table to wake up to.
 We have a $5 limit.
It makes for fun creativeness. 
 I usually make heart shaped pancakes,
or something fun for the kids, but I since I was gone I
left doughnuts and juice.  They probably loved them more.
 Ellie woke up just as I was leaving.
She was really excited the "the day we love each other"
 Jeremy captured some cute pics of the girls.
What is not to love about waking up to donuts and treats.
My funny Valentine.
  All business.
 What'd ya get Emery?
 The girls got candy, new placemats, bath foam, 
bath fuzzies, and little treats.
We made home-made cards for Daddy
{which he loved}
Sad I missed their faces and reactions,
but glad Jeremy caught them for me.

I love our $5 tradition.
Since Jeremy thinks Valentines is the 
"holiday that the greeting card companies created,"
it is fun to be creative and think of the small things
that everyone likes.  Target helps make this really easy.
The girls and Jeremy had made cute cards 
and got me my favorite treats too.
Jeremy always writes the sweetest things,
they were all so thoughtful. 

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